Handy checklist for autumn winter sportives

What to take with you on out-of-season Road Sportives. And why to take it. A handy checklist of clothes and spares.
In our tips for your first sportive article we mentioned that you should try and pack your bag the night before an event to ensure you have everything you need.

There’s nothing worse than panic packing the morning of an event which often leads to useful or even crucial items of kit being left behind in the rush.

sportive kitlist

Lay it out if you can – it’s easier to spot what to take and what you’ve missed (it also makes for a interesting pic for Facebook etc!)

What I tend to do is lay everything out the night before, much to the delight of the other half as there’s even more cycling kit lying around, so in the morning it’s just a matter of checking the weather and taking what you need according to the conditions.

The list below is what I would consider for autumnal conditions when it’s nippy in the morning but warming up later.

Regardless of the forecasted temperature, early morning starts will be cold so if you opt for shorts and short sleeves wear arm and leg warmers as well.

It may seem a lot but you won’t have everything on you and this way it’s easier to decide what to bring when you’ve checked conditions first thing.

Autumn-Winter Sportive Checklist

• Shoes
• Socks
• Shorts
• Base layer
• Leg warmers
• Arm warmers
• Short sleeve jersey
• Long sleeve jersey
• Gilet
• Rain cape
• Helmet
• Cap
• Gloves long
• Sunglasses
• Over socks
• Chamois cream
• Mini pump
• 2 tubes
• Multi tool with chain tool
• Tyre levers
• Puncture repair kit
• Plastic wallet for phone
• Phone
• Cash
• Credit/debit card
• Emergency contact details
• Gels
• Bars
• Fruit
• Water bottles
• Snack for after

Don’t worry; it all packs down in to a small rucksack.

If there’s anything that you like to take along on Sportives that we’ve not listed – please leave a comment below.


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