Hollywood’s 11 best cycling scenes

No ET. No BMX Bandits. No Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid (well, not really ish… kind of). They’ve been done to death. These are our favourite bikey moments from feature films.

Spy Hard

“A parody of the bicycle scene from “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” in the 1996 movie, “Spy Hard” directed by Rick Friedburg.”


“Awesome movie.” Takes a bit to get to the bike bit. Fast forward to the 1m 00sec mark.

Napoleon Dynamite

“You got like 3 feet of air that time…”

Oh My Darling

“Escena de la peli amigas para siempre”. Cool girls on cool bikes.

127 Hours

A rare outing for a mountain bike in a film.

A Scanner Darkly

And you thought you were confused about gearing ratios?


“This is the scene that one reviewer called the bike dancing scene from Quicksilver.” One the most ‘Eighties’ things you will ever see.

Breaking Away

“great video scene from the movie Breaking Away.. wonder how fast he is really going”


A film about mysterious piece-by-piece bicycle theft. And life.

Donnie Darko

The birth of Gravel Riding..?

The Shining

Cycling is still cycling even if it’s on a tricycle, okay?


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