How bike bits are made YouTube compilation

Have you ever wondered where all your products start their life before gracing you with their presence?

We’ve compiled a few interesting ‘How it’s Made’ videos to put your mind at rest.


Changing links can be a fiddly task at the best of times. These machines make turning links into a chain seem like a doddle.


There’s not a more important part of your cycling kit than your helmet. Especially if you’re prone to spending time on the floor rather than your saddle!

Factory Wheels

Here at Merlin all our custom wheels are hand built by Tony the wheel wizard. However, the majority of wheels sold elsewhere are factory built as they’re faster to produce.

Carbon Wheels

Carbon is what every cyclists wants. Light weight and durable, losing those extra grams shave seconds off your times.


Grippy or nippy, tyres come in varied sizes, treads and pressures. One thing they do have in common is the general process in how they’re made.


Finding a comfy seat can be a pain in the back side. No pun intended! This is how they’re made.

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