Cycling themed Christmas decoration ideas

Have you put your Christmas decorations up yet? We haven’t yet in our house. But that’s because we’ve only recently moved in and we’re still painting and decorating (joy!). We’d normally have ours up on the first weekend in December I think.

Although there is an official time for removing your Xmas decorations – Twelth Night (January 5th/6th) – there is no official date as to when you are supposed to put themĀ up.

The most common sort of agreement is “sometime in early December”. Judging from the windows in my neighbourhood, most people got them up this weekend just gone (Dec 6th/7th).

Brief history lesson

Humans have been decorating their home and gardens at wintertime for several millennia. Ancient Babylonians used to cover bushes in fringed stuff in a bid to attract the spirits of nature who had seemingly fled at the start of winter.

At some point during the next few centuries we started to bring branches inside our homes to give the spirits of nature some warmth and shelter. Holly and mistletoe were common options due to them offering a bit of colour.

This ancient decorating period used to last from the start of November right through until February. And you thought you had it bad having to put up with a tinsel-ed house until January?

Bike bits

Anyway, if you’ve not put any decorations up yet, here’s some bike-themed ideas for you.

And if you have already decorated your house, here’s some more things that you can cram into the mix.

Most of them use worn out bits of bicycles. Chains and cassette sprockets are a popular ingredient. The wreath constructed around an old bicycle wheel is a particular favourite of mine.

Click on any of the pics below and you’ll be whisked over to Pinterest where you can find out a bit more about them.

[This article was orginally published 8/12/2014 and the Pintrest gallery has since been removed.]

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