Introducing the new lighter, comfier, more aero Sensa Giulia G2

After a few years of remaining untweaked, Sensa have decided the Giulia was worth tinkering with a bit.

The Giulia is Sensa’s do-it-all road bike. Built for the sort of riding that we all do. The riding without a niche or a marketing buzz word. The Giulia is just for… riding.

2016 giulia g2 matt

It can climb. It can sprint. It can churn out the mega miles. It can hold its line on crazy descents. It likes to dabble in many things.

It’s available in two principle colours/finishes. These pics show the Giulia G2 Matt.


In a lot of ways Sensa have taken the best bits from recent technological advances and introduced them sympathetically to the Giulia. It’s more aerodynamic. It’s more comfortable. It can accept wider tyres. It’s even lost a little bit of weight. Win win win win.


As with the previous Giulia, the new model uses size-specific geometry and tubing dimensions. So no matter what size rider you are, you’ll all be getting the same ‘Giulia ride feel’.


Perhaps the most significant move is the attempt to tune the comfort aspects of the Giulia. Some riders and testers have commented that the previous Giulia was a bit on the firm side at the rear.


The new Giulia sees slimmed down seat stays to introduce a bit of give at the back. The tyre clearance on the frame and the fork has been increased to better allow for new generation 25mm tyres.


Speaking of the fork, the new Smooth AirFlow (SAF) fork is a completely new item. As well as increased tyre clearance it has been designed with aerodynamics to the fore. It links smoothly into the frame down tube in a decidedly lovely way.


Aerodynamics are very much The Thing in the road bike world at the mo but Sensa have wisely not gone OTT on the aero for the Giulia (they have the Calabria if you want an aero bike by the way). The headset cover cap is integrated and ‘dropped’ in the frame’s top tube. The down tube has been made narrower. Those aforementioned slimmer seat stays now terminate at the back of the seat tube (rather than partially at the sides).


Sensa are justifiably proud of the look of the new Giulia. Unlike a lot of other remodelled bikes from other companies, the new aero features actually improve the look of the bike. Which is no mean feat really and something that will no doubt attract a lot of praise.


The weight of the new Giulia frame is 960g (compared to the previous 1,100g). The fork has actually gained a bit of weight – but it’s only 25g. So the overall frameset weight is down on previous years.


We’re looking forward to getting out on this bike ourselves. Not to mention getting it under the bums of some magazine testers and some customers here in the shop as well to see what they reckon to it.


Frame: Monocoque Generation5. Zero Void Curing. Carbon fibre. SAF-design.

Fork: Supra Full Carbon Monocoque AirFlow 1.5.

Sizes: 50cm, 53cm, 55cm, 58cm, 61cm (sloping).

Colours: Matt black/white/grey and Shiny black/white/lemon.

Weight: 7.4kg (frame 960g, fork 375g).

Check out the new 2016 Sensa Giulia G2 on Merlin Cycles

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