Introducing the new Merlin road bike range

Say hello to the Cordite and Fuse carbon bikes and the ROC and FF1 alloy bikes. They comprise our best performing and best looking range of road bikes ever.

The new range of Merlin road bikes is essentially made up of four models with most of them being available in a couple of different builds. There’s two carbon models and two aluminium models.

For the names of our new road bike range we’ve referred back to the history of Buckshaw Village, where Merlin Cycles are now based. Buckshaw used to be a Royal Ordnance factory. It was where Sir Barnes Wallis developed the bouncing bomb amongst other things.

Here’s a quick explanation of the model names. Cordite is type of explosive used in bombs. ROC stands for ‘Royal Ordnance Chorley’. FF1 stands for ‘Filling Factory 1’ which was another name for Royal Ordnance Chorley. Fuse is fairly self explanatory!

Bike 1 - P1040522

Merlin Cordite

Merlin Cordite Ultegra Di2 £1999
Merlin Cordite Ultegra £1449

The Cordite is our flagship carbon bike. For the Cordite we’ve combined the best aspects of cutting edge race technology with an impressive capability for all-day riding.

We don’t mean all-day riding in a cruising around taking-it-easy sense, we mean all-day speed and bike handling thrills.

The Cordite is a great bike for rolling hills and curvy terrain. It absolutely loves to be marching up ascents, screaming down descents or railing around corners. In a word: propulsive.

Bike 4 - P1040571

Merlin Fuse

Merlin Fuse 105 £999
Merlin Fuse 105 Mix £899

The Fuse is easy to live with and is a pleasure to ride. It’s very much a practical everyday machine as well as a great looking sportive steed.

The carbon layup on the Fuse has been chosen to offer high levels of comfort and vibration dampening. We know that a lot of UK roads aren’t exactly billiard table smooth and it’s real world riding that the Fuse is intended for.

The Fuse exhibits remarkable stability, balance and smoothness with a consistency that is all too rare with carbon bikes at this level. This is not to say that it can’t mix it with the best of them when the red mist descends and you want to go on the attack.

It’s a great handling bike that’s impressively taut under pedal power and responsive up front too. It’s sort of like a race bike that’s had its harsh pointiness removed.

Bike 3 - P1040556

Merlin ROC

Merlin ROC 105 £775

The ROC is our best ever aluminium road bike. A very modern response to the demands of today’s road cyclists. You could call it a sportive machine but that would be limiting this bike’s capabilities. It’s a bike built for comfort certainly but it’s also light and responsive. It’s not a slogger.

A triple butted alloy frame with slender rear stays, an elegantly triangulated top tube and a tapered head tube up front. The ROC really is testament to the amazing yet affordable things that can be done with aluminium these days.

The ROC is almost like two different bikes in one package. Stay in the saddle and on the hoods and it will eat up the miles with great ease and efficiency. Get out of the saddle or on the drops and the bike fires up its racing genes and turbo boosts your progress.

Bike 5 - P1040618

Merlin FF1

Merlin FF1 105 Mix £699
Merlin FF1 Tiagra £599

The FF1 is an excellent step up from an entry level road bike. It has the performance to match its elegant and modern appearance.

The triple butted frame and carbon fork give the FF1 a light, swift feel but without the harshness often found on bikes at this level. The clean classic lines of the frame show off the FF1’s pared-down gimmick-free appeal.

The FF1 can turn its hand to pretty much anything. It’s an adaptable bike with immense upgrade potential – morph it into a reliable tough-nut training bike or change it into a race-worthy steed. Or just keep it as a true all-rounder. It’s up to you.

Any questions?

Please feel free to ask a question or leave a comment below about your thoughts on our new bikes. Cheers!

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