Our best found-on-Facebook videos of 2015: Part 1

Here at Merlin Cycles we do love a good viral video and we try to Facebook as many as we can from around the world.  Some are shocking, some are funny, some outrageous and some are just plain mental.

So here’s eight videos pulled straight from our recent archives that you might of missed and there will be more on their way soon so stay tuned.

Super Balance!

How to do a “Danny MacAskill” on a road bike…


The “Unlikely to ever happen but surprised we haven’t seen it before” video…

Should be dead

The one where he could have died but probably laughs about it now..

Sympathy vid

The video no normal cyclist has any sympathy for..

(this video is no longer available)

Stupid funny

This is just plain stupid (but funny)…

Asking for trouble

This guy is asking for trouble, but we can’t stop watching anyway…

Come a cropper

We all want to try this but know we’ll all come a cropper…

The dog’s face

And finally, the dog’s face says it all: “Idiot” 🙂

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