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This is one of those blogs that should have been written a little bit sooner. But with rehabilitation for my foot, getting back to training and house renovation it’s been a busy time!

However, the time has come that I can finally announce that I will be racing for Team WNT in 2016!


We had our first team get together back in October at the WNT factory in Sheffield. Anyone attending women’s racing last year as a spectator or competitor will be able to tell you how professional they looked and how well they worked together as a team.

It was the first time that I have sat in a room listening to a managing director of a company, external to cycling, tell us all about how supportive and passionate they are about the team and women’s cycling.


On the way home anyone that I spoke too would have thought that I was caffeine fuelled or eaten copious amounts of sugar as I was absolutely buzzing about the year to come.

The team was announced with photos of our younger selves on bikes. I will leave you to guess which one I am…


The progress of the team can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so please give them a follow

There will be more announcements coming soon on team sponsors and our official launch, so far it’s great to have OTE Sports, Rotor Cranks and Hope Technology on board.

Meanwhile I’m back on the bike again and slowly getting back to training. Maria and Gus at Stansfield Sports Injury Clinic have been looking after me trying to get me back to full health.


There have been all kinds of gadgets taken to work, golf balls, quad ballers, thera-med bands – all to aid me in my rehabilitation.

There’s still some work to do but it’s great to be back on track and looking forward to the year to come. 

Rimmington Excited by Season Prospects

Lancashire Telegraph


Swapping 2 wheels for 2 sticks

Not your normal off season


54 races,

1950 miles covered,

7 countries,

10 wins,

2 broken down cars,

1 cancelled flight,

1 case of hypothermia,

Numerous friends made,

1 happy bike rider.

What a season!

When I set about writing a quick blog about my 2015 season, I had been expecting to write this from hot and sunny climes, lying on a beach, the sun glistening, waves crashing in the background….. Instead I’m sat on the sofa with my feet up and my foot in plaster!


This week was supposed to have been my first back on the bike after taking some time off to be a “normal” person which would allow my body to recover from, well you can see from the above, a fairly busy season.

So what does the off season and down time consist of for a bike rider?

The first day felt completely foreign as I came home from work and well, just relaxed on the sofa – no 30-minute dash to get changed, prepare bottles and get out on the road….. instead some afternoon television, not entirely sure what I have been watching, for a few weeks a year I get to see television shows that I have no idea about, and game shows that put my general knowledge to shame.

After a few days of just chilling, the mind starts to wonder and you realise that there are a few, not so much forgotten, but rather put on hold tasks whilst you’ve been away racing and out training…. Such as the dreaded ironing pile, the kit drawer that needs sorting, the bikes that need maintenance and the chores that may have been slightly neglected – not so much a Spring clean but an Autumn End of Season Top to Bottom house clean.

After being a little bit inspired by bake off, I decided to take to the kitchen and start doing a spot of baking, I’ve found a new cookbook called Rawsome Vegan Baking – I can’t get enough of it! It has been really nice to spend time preparing and cooking nice meals, coming up with new recipes that we can use next season. Of course it was after a spot of baking that a minor incident occurred and I ended up falling down the stairs and breaking my big toe in a rather spectacular way – who knew how vitally important this digit really is!




So even with my foot booted up, I’ve also been taking part in some yoga to relax and stretch out – so hopefully when I get back on the bike and start rehabilitation the process can move along a little bit quicker.

It’s fair to say it has been a busy, hectic and eventful season – when you think back to the end of February and the Clayton Spring Classic – with the added embarrassment of getting hypothermia! To racing in Europe with the best riders and teams in the World – I sometimes need to shake myself as to what really happened this season.


2016 sees some new and exciting opportunities which I cannot wait to reveal soon – for the time being though there’s a bit more rest and recovery, followed by some rehabilitation so I can get out training again ready for the upcoming season!

Over and out for now!


2015 Race Results



 1st Hub Architecture Tour of Northumberland Overall

1st Hub Architecture Tour of Northumberland Stage 2

1st Mike Binks Memorial Road Race

1st Salt Ayre Criterium Women’s Series

1st Salt Ayre Criterium Women’s Series

1st Salt Ayre Criterium Women’s Series

1st Tameside Criterium Women’s Series

1st Tameside Criterium Women’s Series




1st Pendle Forest CC Time Trial

1st Ribble Valley Time Trial

1st Stockton Riverside Town Centre Criterium

2nd Hub Architecture Tour of Northumberland Stage 1

2nd Bradfield Hill Climb

4th National Circuit Time Trial Championships

5th Alexandra Women’s Tour of the Reservoir Stage 2 (National Series)

8th Alexandra Women’s Tour of the Reservoir Overall (National Series)

9th National 50-mile Time Trial




11th British Time Trial Championships

13th Ryedale Grand Prix (National Series)

15th British Criterium Championships

16th Otley Town Centre Grand Prix (National Series)

18th Curlew Cup (National Series)

24th Tour Series Redditch

25th Cityronde van Tiel (Netherlands)




27th Tour Series Motherwell

28th Women’s Tour de Yorkshire

31st British Road Race Championships

36th Cheshire Classic Women’s Road Race (National Series)

37th Alexandra Women’s Tour of the Reservoir Stage 1

(National Series)

53rd Ladies Tour of Norway General Classification (UCI 2.2)

53rd Ladies Tour of Norway Stage 1 (UCI 2.2)

65th Ladies Tour of Norway Stage 2 (UCI 2.2)

69th Tour Cycliste Feminin International del’Ardche Stage 2 (UCI 2.2)

79th Tour Cycliste Feminin International del’Ardche Stage 5 (UCI 2.2)

80th Tour Cycliste Feminin International del’Ardche Stage 6 (UCI 2.2)

80th Tour Cycliste Feminin International del’Ardche Stage 7 (UCI 2.2)

80th Tour Cycliste Feminin International del’Ardche General Classification (UCI 2.2)

81st Tour Cycliste Feminin International del’Ardche Stage 3 (UCI 2.2)

82nd Tour Cycliste Feminin International del’Ardche Stage 4 (UCI 2.2)

85th Erondgemse –Pijl Lotto Cup (UCI 1.2)

91st Maarten Wynants Lotto Cup (UCI 1.2)

104th Tour Cycliste Feminin International del’Ardche Stage 1 (UCI 2.2)


1st Bole Hill Road Race (25th Mens)

1st Richmond Road Race (23rd Mens)

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