Our top 10 most popular Instagrams of 2015

The ten most liked pics from our Instafeed this year. Complete with some hardcore analytics and fascinating insight.

Without any further ado, here they are…

1. Jaffa splash

AKA the power of orange. Who knows how and why this ended up as our most liked pic? Like most things on social media it’s probably just down to good timing. We’ll be issuing all future Instagrams at 7:44am PDT on Tuesday mornings from now on. And they will all be orange.

Customer @garygph82 custom paint job #Sensa Giulia. #Sensa #Giulia #BlackOut #MatteBlack #Cycling #RoadBike

A photo posted by Merlin Cycles (@merlincycles) on

2. The blackest bike ever

The buzz word (buzz phrase?) is User Generated Content ie. getting other folk to do stuff so you don’t have to. Actually, this isn’t really UGC. It’s a pic of a bike that someone specced and ordered from us. Maybe Sensa should get the kudos for this pic’s popularity?

3. Discs are the future

Not quite as black a bike as the above Sensa but still a pretty stealthy Felt. Disc brakes are always (still!) something of a talking point on dropbar bikes. Combined with a couple of choice #hashtags this possibly explains this pic claiming a podium spot.

4. ‘Cross Kinesis

The cult of cyclocross is strong. Cyclocross bikes shod in tubular tyres with mystical marker pen scrawls on their amber sidewalls appeal to the ‘cross mentalists like nothing else.

5. Allen bling

Everyone likes these Allen keys. Even after they’ve seen the whopping price tag they still like them. Even the most staunch “HOW MUCH?!” advocate ends up saying “well, you can see why you’d want them”. Maybe some #tool hashtags could have pushed this pic further up this chart?

6. This. Is. Strava.

We stole this pic. We can’t even remember where from. Google Images is a temptress. It’s like Napster all over again. Apologies to the original creator!

7. That black bike again

Here’s the U from the aforementioned UGC (User Generated Content). We get the impression that @garygph82 doesn’t like to stand out too much! How long before he takes the marker pen to those white bottle tops do yo think?

8. Guerci ‘cross

A veritable smorgasbord of cycle geekery. Obscure Italo brand? Check. Cyclocross bike? Check. Carbon fibre? Check. Disc brakes? Check. Di2 ready? Check. And the #baaw hashtag is always a good ‘un (Bike Against A Wall)

9. Wall of Felt

Nice composition and nice lighting. With some nice bikes.

10. Church of Colnago

The cult of Colnago is almost as powerful as the cult of ‘cross. Or maybe it was amazing #pointofsale hashtag that got this pic into the top 10?

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