Prepping for the Prudential RideLondon London-Surrey 100

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The Prudential RideLondon London –Surrey 100 sportive, the biggest closed road cycle event in the UK, takes place on Sunday 10th August, that’s less than one week away. This week then should be about preparing you and your kit for the big day so here’s a prep list for this week.

Sort your bike out

Check your bike is in good working order and up to the task of getting you round the 100 mile course. Give it a good clean as this will help you spot any possible mechanical issues and if in doubt get it serviced or at least change any worn parts you’ve been meaning to do for ages but haven’t got round to.

Tyres are the number one items to check so don’t take any chances as a punctures can ruin your day and blowouts can cause injury.

Sort your clothing out

Know what kit you will be wearing on the day. Don’t wear anything you haven’t used before and are saving for a nice day as it may irritate. The early start means it will be chilly so arm warmers and a gilet are highly recommended and can be easily packed in back pockets later on.

If the weather is bad then a rain cape and cap will make it slightly more bearable and they also take up no room when not needed. If those cleats aren’t quite right then sort them out this week as well as you don’t want to be stopping lots on the actual ride.

Get some rest

There’s no pint cramming big rides in this week if you haven’t already done them. If you have done the training that’s great, just do some short spins and make sure to get some rest.

Get a few early nights and get some sleep in the bank. You may not sleep well the night before the ride and that combined with the early start makes getting rest earlier in the week crucial.

Know your start time and pen colour

May sound obvious but I still have friends who haven’t checked their start time or are vague on it. Just because someone you have registered with has their time doesn’t mean yours will be the same.

Make sure you know as you have to be in your correct colour pen in the 30 minutes leading up to your start time. You are not allowed to change times to ride with people so plan to meet them on the road somewhere if you want to ride with someone not in your start pen.


Plan your nutrition for the day

Bring food you know you like and can digest and plan when to fuel during the ride. It’s easy to get carried away and forget to eat and drink so plan to have regular drinks and food at certain intervals to keep you topped up. Don’t try lots of new things on the day as you may struggle with them and spoil your ride.

There are feedstops on the route but don’t rely on these to have everything you need so bring a few extra bits just in case. They’ll also they’ll also be extremely busy so be prepared to wait if necessary to get food.

Bring a pump and spares

Puncturing is always a pain but if you don’t have any spares it will ruin your ride. Bring a couple of spare tubes and check what valve length you need for your rims.

A mini pump will at least get you to the finish and don’t forget the tyre levers.

Multi-tools are tiny and weigh nothing so bring one along for reassurance.

pack-bfBring some breakfast

It’s recommended you eat a couple of hours before the start to help let it digest in time so that’s going to mean a very early breakfast for some.

Make sure you have food for the morning as your hotel breakfast probably won’t be open in time and you can’t rely on getting something on the way to the start; London on a Sunday morning is very quiet!

Use chamois cream and embrocation

If you haven’t used chamois cream before then try it, you won’t be disappointed. Simply rub it into the pad on your shorts and its antibacterial properties help keep you comfortable all day and even helps recovery after. Try it beforehand this week though as you don’t want to be trying it on Sunday for the first time and not liking it for the next 100 miles.

A good way to keep the early morning chill at may without layering up is to use some light warming up cream on the legs or knees. This can easily be rubbed off later in the ride once you get going but will keep the limbs warm while waiting about at the start.


8814_raleigh_skully_front_rear_led_light_setGet some small LED lights for riding to the start

If you are riding to the start in the dark, make sure you have got some lights even if you are under street lights.

A small set of LED lights will take up no space, weigh next to nothing and are inexpensive so you have no excuse.

Don’t forgot to register at the Excel Centre

You must register at the Prudential RideLondon Cycling Show in the Dockland’s Excel Centre in the days leading up to the event. If you don’t do this and collect your number you will not be allowed to start.

Bring the paperwork with your rider number on it that was in your July magazine mail out to collect your jersey number and last minute information for the day.

Opening times for the Prudential RideLondon Cycling Show:
Thursday 7th August, 10:00am– 8:00pm
Friday 8th August, 10:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday 9th August, 9:00am – 5:00pm

And last but not least – enjoy yourself, it’s not a race!

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