Red Bull Two Wheeled YouTube Compilation

Red Bull arguably put more effort and money into making vids than they do into making their red fizzy pop. Here are ten of our favourite Red Bull videos featuring two wheels (we’ve crowbarred some motocross in there too, just because).

GoPro: Backflip Over 72ft Canyon – Kelly McGarry Red Bull Rampage 2013

“Kelly McGarry flips a 72-foot-long canyon gap at Red Bull Rampage 2013 to earn a 2nd place finish.” – This video has done the rounds on social media for quite a while now but there’s no questioning as to why!

Best Freestyle Motocross Tricks from Red Bull X-Fighters Mexico 2015

“Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your “stoke factor” to be at an all time high.”

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

” For the first time in one of his films Danny climbs aboard a mountain bike and returns to his native home of the Isle of Skye in Scotland to take on a death-defying ride along the notorious Cuillin Ridgeline.”

Historic Bike Flip in FMX competition – Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid 2014

“Thomas Pagès cemented his name in the FMX history books when he pulled off his FIRST Bike Flip in competition at the Red Bull X-Fighters. Check out Pagès winning run and the trick that left jaws on the floor in Madrid.”

Urban Downhill Mountain Bike POV in Colombia

“Ride along with Marcelo Gutierrez, the Colombian downhill MTB racer as he takes to the streets of Manizales for a high speed decent through some sketchy street-side obstacles.”

Gee Atherton gets hunted by a Peregrine Falcon

“Downhill mountain bike legend, Gee Atherton, is hunted by the fastest bird in the world, a peregrine falcon. Set in the epic landscape of Antur Stiniog, North Wales, Gee is tested in the ultimate experiment between man and bird.”

Aggressive Downhill Mountain Bike Racing – Red Bull Hardline

“Back in September of this year some of the world’s best mountain bike riders descended on a small part of the Mid-Wales countryside to ride one of the most difficult downhill mountain bike runs ever created.”

Gee Atherton’s POV Down Aggressive MTB trail – Red Bull Hardline

“Gee Atherton gives us an insane POV down one of the most aggressive downhill MTB race courses ever created. This, is Red Bull Hardline”

First-Ever MTB Tsunami Flip in Contest – Red Bull District Ride 2014

“Szymon Godziek landed the first ever Tsunami Flip on a mountain bike in contest at the best trick showdown at Red Bull District Ride 2014.”

Building Slopestyle Mega Ramps – ULTRA HD 4K – Red Bull District Ride

“Take a behind the scenes look at the contest from course building all the way through to the final rounds, and how the impressive wooden puzzle of ramps came together for an epic event.”

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