Review of Sportful Women’s Allure Softshell jacket

It’s fair to say the jacket got taken through a good testing in all conditions, over all terrains and over a variety of intensities. The Sportful Allure certainly didn’t fail to deliver.

Well they do say that if you are going to product test a range then to make sure that you take it through the full range of conditions! Naturally the one week I take off work seemed to have the full range of elements, sun, wind, rain, sleet, snow!


A great colour

So many lovely compliments about how nice it was to see a jacket with feminine colours but not pink. I have to say the colour was a particular favourite of mine and the contrasting multicolour stripes across the front adds a really nice extra bit of detail. It’s also available in a black/fuchsia/white colourway by the way.


The science bit

The front and sleeves are made from Softshell fabric. The back panel is ThermoDrytex XP. The Softshell fabric is windproof and fairly water resistant due to a polyurethane membrane within it. Its fleecy lining guarantees cosiness. ThermoDrytex XP is a 2-way stretch 100% polyester fabric that provides decent warmth and excellent moisture management and breathability.


The zip is a proper YKK zip with a cool two-tone design to it. On the rear of the jacket is the usual three pockets. There are a couple of subtle reflective bits back there too.

Almost a three season jacket

The fleece lining inside is lovely and soft to the touch and a really nice addition for those intermediate weather conditions. Personally I would be happy wearing this jacket for spring/autumn time.


Sportful never claim that this jacket is the all singing and dancing winter must have for those biting winter days – that job is definitely down to their Fiandre range – but if you’re happy to put a few extra base layers on underneath then it copes in the extremes of winter really well actually.

When temperatures are hovering around the 10 degree mark (and I am somebody that feels the cold) this jacket was absolutely spot on. And at 409g it’s not a hefty bit of kit to wear either.


The fit

For once there is no cut which is half way up your stomach, something a lot of female cycling clothing manufacturers seem to go for. The front is full length which means that if you are long in the body this is great.

The second thing is that the sleeves are full length, not riding up half way your arms which during the winter is the last thing that you want.


Living with it

Washing and drying the jacket is nice and simple as with all kit I normally go for the colder wash, but it dries really quickly so if you have back to back days with a bit of careful planning you can use it for both.



The Sportful Allure certainly didn’t fail to deliver. It’s fair to say the jacket got taken through a good testing in all conditions, over all terrains and over a variety of intensities – after several washes the condition of the Allure has remained just as high from day one.

Sportful Women’s Allure Softshell Cycling jacket

  • Merlin Cycles £81.25
  • Softshell front and sleeves
  • Knit colour band
  • YKK dual-colour zip
  • 3 Rear pockets with reflective piping
  • 409gr

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