Tam’s Tales of Her N7even Super Nova “Beautiful Ellie”

My N7even Super Nova arrived arrived not a moment too soon to replace my well-loved but by now somewhat over-used race bike.

Team CTC - Czech Republic

Having ridden Ellie (as I have named my N7even steed) for several weeks now, I can attest to not merely her aesthetic attractiveness but also to her fantastic performance. I have loved the sharpness of her response on attacks, her stiffness when out of the saddle on the hills, the comfort she provides over long distances.

That and the fact that on only my 2nd outing with Ellie she carried me to my best result yet – 11th place on a tough stage of a UCI Tour.

Team CTC - Czech Republic

Although I had become attached to my previous race bike and struggled emotionally to shift my loyalties to another, I could not now go back — I love Ellie! — and would encourage anyone who is considering investing in a new, superb performance race bike to give the N7even brand a go.

Team CTC - Czech Republic

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