Ten Things to do During Your Extra Hour

The clocks change this weekend. They go back an hour in the early hours of Sunday, just so you know. Here are ten things that cyclists can get up to in sixty minutes.

Attempt the hour record

stopwatchTake some inspiration from The Mighty Jensie and see how far you can ride in an hour. You possibly won’t be able to have exclusive use of a velodrome but you can but try.

Give your bike an MOT

Even the most basic of bikes can benefit from a quick tinker. Check your tyre tread and sidewalls for damage or wear. Pump up your tyres. Clean and re-lube your chain. Check your brake pads. Index your gears properly for once.

House.How_to_Hand-Wash_Delicates_SD_xxxlargeHand-wash your delicates

Stop smirking at the back. By “delicates” we mean┬áthat type of cycle clothing that you’re not supposed to put through harsh washing machine cycles. Merino wool, expensive waterproof jakcets and that sort of stuff.

Reproof your jacket

Speaking of jackets, once you’ve gently hand-washed your jacket you can have a think about reproofing it with a reproofing agent to bring back the garment’s water repellency.

sock-holeThrow away all your ropey socks

Just do it. It’s a scary thought but you need to confront it.

Tidy your workshop

Apologies to all the OCD cyclists out there who already have glistening, orderly tool arrays. This is advice for the rest of us with drawers, tabletops and floors festooned with bike bits and dirty tools. Tidy up!

Put that thing on eBay

7187_motorex_carbon_grease_100g_tubA lot of us have a corner of the garage or shed where we keep our old discarded bike stuff. Wheels, forks, chainsets… frames even. All of this will find a new home via eBay. You’ll be amazed what some folk will gladly buy.

Regrease the neglected things

There are a few places on a bike that we all just forget about or take for granted. Seat posts, pedal threads and headset bearings are all key things to check over. Don’t use normal grease on carbon components or frames by the way, use a carbon-specific grease.

batteries-long-lrgChange or charge-up your batteries

Power to the people. Top up your bike lights, bike computer, GPS, Di2 battery. Anything and everything electro that you ever bung on your bike.

Watch this YouTube

Strangely addictive.

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