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Hi – since the last blog it’s been a whirlwind journey on the paracyclist training programme – from a virus that affected my heart and gave me pericarditis – all the way to winning the national road championships for my C5 category.

It’s fair to say that things don’t always go to plan!

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Since my last blog, I began to step up the training and ride more circuit road races which culminated in a great result at a Birkenhead race at the beginning of June only being beaten by (able-bodied) elite riders and finishing with the same time as them in 4th place overall.

Development Training was going well just before a training camp at the Newport Velodrome when I was struck down with pericarditis – a scary viral infection of the lining of the heart which gave all of the symptoms of a heart attack.

I now know that pericarditis can be the bad result of overtraining, with a virus present that may be the trigger, it typically affects more men than women and is most commonly seen in those between their early twenties and their early fifties.

This obviously put me back a long way in my preparation for the National Championships as I had to take 5 weeks of complete rest. I was lucky enough to get in front of the British Cycling team doctor who said that I could race the Nationals as long as I keep an eye on my heart rate, so I trained gently for a week and rode a conservative race in the bunch. I was pleased to manage a good end sprint to win the National title which was a fantastic result, and a relief.

Jon Gildea - British National Champion

3 weeks on, I’m finally well on my way back to the type of fitness I was enjoying back in June. I have regular GB development training camps over the next month focusing on the track Nationals at the end of September where my plan is to concentrate on the Kilo and Pursuit on the Track. Hopefully get some more National Champion Jerseys and continue on the road to Rio.

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