The top 12 best cyclist names ever

Which pro cyclists have really excellent names? Here’s our pick of de bunch.

Some are amusing. Some sound cool. Some are just fun to say out loud. Let’s celebrate the international vibe of pro cycling with a round-up up our favourite monickers.

1. Djamolidine Abdoujaparov

AKA the Tashkent Terror. The Russian sprinter who no one wanted to be next to in a sprint.

2. Pedro Delgado

AKA Perico. A much loved fan favourite with an aggressive style and an unpredictable relationship with Lady Luck.

3. Vladimir Karpets

Another big Russian. Perhaps best known for winning the White Jersey in the 2004 Tour De France.

4. Oscar Egg

A pre-WWI hour record specialist who later went on to invent non-round chainrings.

5. Christian Knees

A childish choice admittedly but this German rider for Team Sky always must us smile when we see his name in the results.

6. Pim Ligthart

Hey Pim!

7. Steele Von Hoff

The Australian rider with a name straight out of Mills & Boon.

8. Jacques Anquetil

Simply one of the most French things ever. Every single syllable is not pronounced how it would be in English.

9. Boy Van Poppel

There were an awful lot of Dutch names on our short list. There’s just something about the use of three names that amuses us Brits.

10. Bob Roll

AKA Bobke. A great all round cyclist and respected American commentator.

11. Bert De Backer

Belgian names were also all over our short list. This name can become addictive to say repeatedly.

12. Marco Pantani

Just a great name that combines punchiness with elegance, like the man himself.

Who’s your favourite?

Who have we missed out? Leave your suggestions below please!

8 comments to “The top 12 best cyclist names ever”
  1. Miguel Indurain – This name could not belong to anyone but a cyclist.
    Greg Lemond – American first name and French-sounding last name

  2. Laurent Jalabert – his name sounds super french with two silent t’s

    Heinrich Haussler – an Aussie
    Tony Martin – a German

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