Top 10 Instagram Cycling Cliches

If you’re a cyclist on Instagram then chances are this is what your feed looks like. We’ve all done them.

The ironic thing about cycling piccies on Instagram is that most of the time they don’t include very much actual cycling. There’s never many opportunities to take pics whilst you’re actually riding along so most of your pics end up being of the before, the after and the rest stops.

1. The café stop

This is what all your non-cycling friends think you get up to at the weekend. Bonus points for fogged-up lens.

2. Sock lines

These are sometimes suntan lines but – seeing as we live in the UK – they’re usually muck-lines.

#socklines #christmasgrandfondo A photo posted by Don Gwartney (@drgwartney) on

3. Worn brake pads

Something that’s more to do with mountain bikers but with the onset on discs on road bikes we’re sure to see more of these pics in every type of cycling.

It’s the law to take this photo. #mtb #discpad #worn

A photo posted by @mepinklady21 on

4. Procrastinating before turbo training

Perhaps this is a seasonal thing (well, it definitely is isn’t it?) but there’s no doubt that Instagram has really helped with the subtle art of putting off doing indoor training.

5. Cycling along selfie

Sometimes known as the #dangerpanda too. The classic example should be taken with both hands holding the camera/phone (take care!) and ideally we should be able to see what shoes you’re wearing too please. Thanks.

As it’s Friday let’s celebrate with a panda #30daysofbiking #dangerpanda #vscocam

A photo posted by kelly black (@nunuboogie) on

6a. Strava screengrab

It’s not enough for your Strava followers to see what stats your last ride had, you simply have to share it with Instagram too.

#cyclingrules #cannondale #pearlizumi #garmin #strava #igerscycling #jensvoigtrules #shutuplegs A photo posted by Jason Watrous (@jasontehargonaut) on

6b. Too-close-to-focus picture of a Garmin

As above but for those riders who aren’t aware that you can load screengrabs into Instagram.


7. Bike against a wall

Or #BAAW for short. Roadies seem to like to take their bikes outside to a nearby wall for their portrait pic. Mountain bikers just lean their bike up against a wall in the back garden.

Chill A photo posted by (@jeanr2os) on


8. Bike against a significant sign

Ideally this should be a sign at the summit of a hill but sometimes you can only find a sign at the bottom (as is the case with the pic below). The mountain bike equivalent of this is a bike leaned against a summit trig point or cairn. Bonus cliché points for lifting the bike up above your head.

Bealach na Bá ! #stravaproveit #Rapha #RCC #cycling #hillclimb #roadcycling #bealachnaba A photo posted by @andydocker73 on

9. Watching cycling on Eurosport

The spring has sprung and it’s time to watch some cycle racing on the telly box (or on the computer screen).

Chilled out, feet up watching the #tourofdubai on #eurosportcycling. #dubai #comfy #eurosport #whitesocks A photo posted by Pat Snow (@patman606) on

10. Post-ride beer

This is the other thing that all your non-cycling friends think you get up to at the weekend. Bonus points for packets of crisps.

#Switzerland#Suosse#GirondelaCôte#recoverydrink#BoissondeRécupération#bike#roadcycling# A photo posted by Amaël Donnet (@amaeldonnet) on

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