Top Cycling Accessories This Christmas

Take a look through our latest SlideShare Presentation on the top cycling accessories this Christmas.

It’s that time of year when all cyclists should be leaving Christmas present ‘wanted’ hints all over the house.

You’ve only got yourself to blame if you end up with a three pack of reindeer and Santa socks, when with a little bit of planning you could have had a lovely pair of soft Castelli Quindici or Altura NightVision socks giving improved reflective safety. What about gloves? Why settle for a pair of faux leather driving gloves (who wears driving gloves these days anyway?) when a pair of Bianchi Milano full winter riding gloves could have been yours with some well-placed hints.

To see what you might be missing, or to get inspiration for what to buy the cyclist in your life, take a look through our slideshown on the top cycling accessories this Christmas:

You can purchase pretty much everything you need to keep you warm on the road in the coming colder months directly from the slideshow; including arm and leg warmers to supplement your normal riding gear. These supply all the warmth of dedicated winter gear without having to buy a full set of clothes

From Camelbaks to computers

If you’re serious about cycling, then a Camelbak should definitely be on your wish list this year. Litres of water contained within in a fully adjustable pack on your back that brings the mouth tube just where you need it to supply constant hydration, these are a necessity for cyclists everywhere. Choose from the Stowaway 3 LR, Octane 22 LR or the Baja LR vest; all of which are made from super-absorbent, quick drying materials, ensuring they’re comfortable and up to the most epic of trips.

Special planning might be required for some of the more high-end presents, such as a decent computer that can monitor cadence, speed and, of course, your location, with an incredibly accurate GPS.

The presentation gives you a comprehensive view of what’s available to serious riders, such as the Mio Cyclo 305 or the Garmin Edge 500 or 800 models that make perfect training partners with built in workouts and performance recording.

If the kids are wondering what you want this year, or if there’s a Secret Santa going at work, then there’s plenty of smaller items such as protective cases for the computers or cleaning kits for the Camelbaks, that fit the smaller budget perfectly.

Tactile trainers

Sometimes though, it’s just too dangerous or too unpleasant to go out on the roads. Car drivers who can’t see through frosted up windows, black ice and the sheer drag of slush; they’re all jolly good reasons not to venture out on these dark mornings and evenings.

However, the training must go on, and what better solution than a trainer or turbo trainer? It might annoy the hell out of the rest of the family when you set up trainer and bicycle in front of the television in the lounge, but at least you will be keep those muscles in prime condition and there’s no better way to work off that Christmas lunch.

You can choose the rolling road type, such as the Trans X Magnetic turbo, with 6 levels of resistance control, where you simply sit the bike on the rollers and off you go; or the more stable offers where you remove the back wheel and drop the bike into dedicated dropouts, like the Lemond Revolution.

Cycling gifts for everyone

Of course, many relatives are determined voucher givers and, after all, it is the thought that counts; but neither Boots nor Smiths are known meccas for specialist cycling kit. A Merlin Cycles Gift voucher is the perfect compromise that you can put towards that something special.

The great thing about buying online from us at Merlin is that you know this is proper cycling kit, offered by people who know what they’re talking about; cyclists who talk, live and breathe bikes.

There’s still time; a quick family e-mail campaign including the link to Merlin, backed up by a bunch of one hundred and forty character tweets, and lots of cycling pictures on Facebook should do the trick nicely.

Just imagine, no more false happy faces as you sit with your relatives, separated from your beloved bicycle, and surrounded by well-meant gardening gloves and chocolate oranges. It’s in your hands. Check out the presentation above and order your presents today. If you enjoy our presentation, be sure to share it with everyone on Facebook, you never know, it might inspire them to buy gifts for you!

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