Tour De France’s Most Memorable Crashes

The Tour De France is famed for many things, the racing, the crowds, legendary riders but one thing that also goes hands in hand with the race are crashes. Over the years spectators have witnessed some spectacular crashes many caused by forces you wouldn’t expect.

We’ve picked 5 of the most memorable, some of which might cause you to watch with one eye shut.

Johnny Hoogerland

A crash that should never of happened, poor Johnny Hoogerland got hit by a photographers car and got send skyward into a barbed wire fence. Being a cyclist of course he untangled himself and jumped on a spare bike and finished the race.

Needless to say he was cut up in several places and the car and driver were thrown out of the race. Johnny started the next stage to rafts of marriage proposals from adoring online fans!

Uzbekistan’s Djamolidine Abdoujaparov

One of the worse crashes in tour history. On the final stage Abdou decided to hug the fence a bit too much going into a ferocious sprint. He put his head down just at the moment he was approaching an advertising hoarding.

Down he went in horrible fashion but managed to limp over the line to claim the green jersey. He was whisked off to hospital and became the first overall green jersey winner to not make it onto the final podium.

Wilfried Nelissen

On the first stage coming into the sprint finish Wilfred Nelissen hit a policeman, resulting in mayhem.

The policeman had decided to step out and take a picture and got hit by a bike travelling at around 40 mph.

Lance Armstrong

Less of a crash and more avoiding a crash! Lance decided to take a shortcut across a field and a ditch to re-enter the race, a move that saw audiences and the commentators go wild.

Sandy Casar and Frederik Willems

These two riders were travelling at quite some pace when a dog decided to get involved in the action.

Both riders came flying off and obtained some nasty injuries, Willems in fact had to retire but the dog was okay!

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