Velomobile and Pedal Car YouTube Compilation

Er, what? Velomobiles and pedal cars are basically recumbent bikes with a canopy around them of some sort. Velomobiles are about aerodynamic speed. Pedal cars are about messing around.

LeMans – Velomobile by CyclesJV-Fenioux

“Here’s the video of the first laps of the velomobile prototype ” LeMans ” conceived in CyclesJV – Fenioux workshops ! Feel free to comment and share the video !”

World Championships 2013 Human Powered Vehicle

“Some drama in this race, e.g. a Russian faired bicycle rider (who actually fell three times!)”

Speed extremes of a velomobile and breaking 60mph

“showing how terrain makes a difference to speed of a velomobile”

A ride in my Velomobile the SUV TerraTrike Rover

“This video is of my SUV (Sustainable Utility Velomobile). It is designed for cargo space and easy entry. Visit for more information.”

Pickup Truck Biking

“Traveling to Empire Public School for Earth Day event in a human powered pickup truck.”

Tri-Sled Avatar Velomobile

“Can you spot the cyclist? Check out Tri-Sled’s new Avatar velomobile model at
Music credit: ‘Oh Yeah’ by Yello”

Mango Sport RE Velomobile Test Ride

“Filmed after a few hours of testing my new Mango Sport RE velomobile from The Netherlands. It is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The clip takes us onto the Bicentennial Bikeway from Toowong to the City, in Brisbane, Qld, Australia. The camera is a GoPro Hero HD. The wide angle gives the impression of greater speed. This was not a high speed test by any means!”


“It’s not a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti or Maserati.
But it’s a start. Short video.” Pedal car meets the law

“Reminiscent of the Flintstone’s car, the “Shared Propulsion Car” is a 1986 Buick Regal that has been converted to a pedal car as part of an art installation by Montreal artist Michel de Broin. Last fall, it ran afoul of the law for safety violations and the case will be heard in a Toronto court Thursday April 3, 2008.”

Speedster Jr Pedal Car

“Auburn Speedster, Jr. Pedal Car Two passanger pedal car with a rumble seat. Easy to pedal with duo-pedaling and disk brake. Ideal for bike rental locations, fun for the whole family”

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