Want to be Involved in Testing Power Meters?

A laboratory based study is being conducted at Preston University to test the validity of both the Stages power meter and the Garmin vector power meter pedal against the SRM power meter which has been deemed to be the ‘gold standard’ of power testing meters.

In addition to testing overall validity of the power meters themselves, power tests will be conducted to see if there is any variation in either right or left leg dominance.

We were asked to spread the word, so here we are…

Scientific Study of Power Meters

Want to be involved in testing the validity of Power Meters?

Want to see if right or left leg dominance has an effect upon data?

Are your cleats Look KEO compatible or willing to temporarily swop for the purpose of the tests?

Participants will need to have a good level of cycling ability and specify their dominant leg. Participants will also have to undergo maximal cycling specific power tests in order to obtain results.

To get involved or for more information please contact ejmcloughlin@uclan.ac.uk

srm power meter

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