Weekly Reviews Roundup #1

A choice selection of product reviews that have been published online this week by the best bikey sites. Tights, lights, drivetrain, boots, booties, jackets, turbos and tyres.

Another new series for the Merlin Cycles blog. Weekly Reviews Roundup pretty much does what it says on the tin.

Winter clothes and lights feature quite heavily, which is not surprising really.

Sportful R&D Bibtights review – Cycling Weeklysportful r+d bib tights

Read the review | Buy it here (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists)

“These bibtights are part of the winter collection from the R&D range which aims “to push the boundaries of conventional cycling clothing design…to create the ultimate clothing.” We’re not sure how revolutionary these bibtights are, but the warmth they offer is second to none.”

Moon X Power 780 Light review – BikeRadarmoon x power 780

Read the review | Buy it here (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists)

An all-in-one cable-free design light that misses out a compulsory strobe mode – “Riders who hate the sudden flashing strobe light setting built into some lights will love this Moon – its four power levels have no flash options unless you deliberately set them up to do so.”

Niterider Lumina 750 Light review – BikeRadarniterider lumina 750

Read the review | Buy it here (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists)

Another all-in-one cable-free light, this time from the experienced hands of Niterider – “Niterider’s Lumina 750 delivers a very impressive rounded beam with lot of light around lower edge to spot road debris and potholes, then a long reaching centre strip for confident high speed riding.”

SRAM Force 22 Groupset review – Red Kite Prayersram force 22 group

Read the review | Buy it here 

A popular choice with progressive-minded cyclocross riders and racers – “It used to be that when you went with a manufacturer’s second tier group, you had to give up performance in multiple ways. Force proves that you can trade weight for price and still end up with a group that kicks ass.”

shimano mw81 SPD pedalsLong Term Test – Shimano MW81 Winter Shoes – Bike Rumor

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“The best praise I can give to a product: I bought them, and will continue to use them till they are dead. I have used the MW81s for a little over a year now, riding through last winter and this current one on these shoes. One of the most curious things for us was how cold the shoe could go, and with the Polar Vortex of 2014, we had them on the bike in temperatures as low as -14º F”

Castelli Alpha Jacket: The PEZ Reviewcastelli alpha jacket

Read the review | Buy it here

“The Alpha jacket is Castelli’s new take on an old problem – cold weather protection for cycling. It features a design philosophy I’ve not seen before, that Castelli bills as the lead item in how jackets of the future will be designed by everyone else.”

Castelli Diluvio 16 overshoe – Cycling Weeklycastelli diluvio 16 over shoe

Read the review | Buy it here

And it just so happens we have a big sale on Castelli stuff this month – “The humble neoprene overshoe is a real staple of any cyclist’s wardrobe. For the British cyclist, it’s something of a perennial consumable, an item we all love to hate, as it means cold, wet, winter days.”

etxeondo brea windstopper overshoesEtxeondo Brea Windstopper overshoes – Cycling Weekly

Read the review | Buy it here (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists) 

Annoying as their name is to spell, Etxeondo do make some great stuff – “Overshoes don’t have a hard job in life; they just have to keep your feet warm and dry…They’ll brush off a light splashing from puddles too, but don’t expect them to keep out a rainstorm for too long.”

CycleOps Magneto trainer – Cycling WeeklyCycleOps Magneto Trainer

Read the review | Buy it here 

Winter innit? This mid-price unit from CycleOps came out pretty well and is well worth sticking on your short list- “The standout feature of the CycleOps Magneto Trainer is the progressive resistance unit which adjusts resistance depending on your speed – a first for a magnetic trainer.”

11498_michelin_lithion_2_folding_clincher_road_tyreMichelin Lithion 2 tyres – Road.cc

Read the review | Buy it here

“They are a clear cut above most similarly-priced competition and I was hard pressed to find anything really wrong with them … Highly recommended budget tyres; do very little wrong and can be had for a silly price.”

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