Weekly Reviews Roundup #8

Another quick collection of the more interesting reviews that have popped on to the cycling press in the past seven Earth days. Clothes, forks, tyres (always tyres), helmets, brakes and beetroot.

15254_sportful_r_d_long_sleeved_wind_cycling_jerseySportful R&D Long Sleeve Wind Jersey – RCUK

Read the review | Buy it here (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists)

“The Sportful R&D Long Sleeve Wind Jersey combines jacket-like performance in a jersey which is warm and light to wear, without giving up anything in the breathability.A genuinely superb piece of kit for cool or cold, dry days.

“The Sportful R&D Long Sleeve Wind Jersey strikes it rich with a tricky trifecta, combining low weight with impressive insulation and first-class breathability. The fit is superb, too, and there’s a lot of attention to detail.”

16621_2015_marzocchi_350_cr_27_5_forkMarzocchi 350CR suspension fork – MBR

Read the review | Buy it here (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists)

“Marzocchi’s 350CR is a 160mm-travel, 27.5in enduro/all-mountain fork designed to rival the performance of the RockShox Pike and Fox 36 — but at a cheaper price.

“With its super-stiff chassis, the 350CR is well-suited to heavy riders looking for a solid, reliable, 160mm fork. The price and performance are commendable. The price difference helps sweeten the deal.”

17912_maxxis_shorty_27_5_x_2_3_kev_3c_exo_tr_mountain_bike_tyreMaxxis Shorty 3C Exo tyre – MBR

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“Essentially a cut-down mud spike, the Maxxis Shorty brings pro DH racing tech to the trail rider. No longer do you need to painstakingly snip off the tops off your spikes by hand to make a more general-purpose tread. And it’s even available in 29in too.

“The 3C rubber compound is as equally assured through rock gardens and root sections, making it a capable all-rounder. Winter’s new hero tyre is here; the Maxxis Shorty.”

16351_avid_disc_brake_guide_rscSRAM Guide RSC brakes – Dirt Rag

Read the review | Buy it here (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists)

“Our Guide RSC (which stands for Reach adjust, Swinglink, Contact adjust) is loaded with features. Starting with the Swinglink, a new cam shape at the lever lessens deadband for minimal lever throw before pad contact. It also changes the curve compared to previous Avid brakes for a very linear feel that ramps up strongly yet controllably.

“A new sealed bearing at the lever pivot also provided a silky smooth feel. Tool-free contact point adjustment and reach adjust allow you to quickly and easily personalize the feel and performance of the brakes before or during a ride.”

14301_continental_grand_prix_4000_s_ii_road_clincher_tyresSix wide tyre upgrades to improve ride quality – RCUK

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“Wider tyres aren’t just a trend, they’re here to stay. These days even the pros opt for rubber that’s 25mm wide or up in almost every race, not only when Roubaix looms on the horizon, rather than suffering with 23mm tyres.

“The benefits of wider tyres are well documented but, to recap, you can use them at lower pressures, get a bigger contact patch with the road and even, in some cases, reduce rolling resistance.”

14083_beet_it_sport_shotBeet It Pro Elite Shot – Cycling Weekly

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“The Beet It Shot is an attractive option, as it can be downed in one gulp. It is important to consider that cooking nitrate rich foods diminishes the nitrate content, so although these shots are expensive at £1.89 each, they are arguably more convenient and reliable than preparing a beetroot, kale and spinach salad.

“A compact, convenient and reliable source of nitrate. Owing to the acquired taste, we suggest buying a single shot and trying it before committing to a whole box.

8011_Met Sine Thesis helmet – Road.cc

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“The Sine Thesis is very well made and very comfortable. It has bold, angular styling that gives it an almost aggressive look but there is certainly no denying the quality.

“The Sine Thesis has proven to be one of the most comfortable helmets I’ve worn, easy to adjust and better to wear. Comfortable, light lid that provides plenty of protection without compromising style.”

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