Chimpanzee Bars are honest, all-natural, made from real food energy bars that are free of phony additives,
artificial sweeteners, trans-fets chemicals and GMO's.
Try our new Beet Root & Carrot Energy bar or one of our favorits Apricot,
Raison & Walnut or Dates & Chocolate.
Our range of delicious Slim Bars are great for quick snack in the office or when you are not that active.
Try them next time.

We all love food, let's leave it there.
But seriously, we like to eat well, even when we are out in the woods.
And we like to share the food with our families and with our children.
We needed an alternative to wildly available bars with to high sugar content,
trans fat and genetically modified ingredients.
That is why we have created our first bars.
It was only later on when we started thinking of them as energy bars.

Today we produce All Natural Energy bars strictly from natural ingredients.
We use as much Organic ingredients as possible.
We will not sacrifice quality of the bars for a certificate,
so when we have a better tasting all natural quality ingredient we use it instead of least satisfying organic ingredient.
We will never use trans fats, GMO's, artificial sweeteners and any other weird stuff.
That's a promise.

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Chimpanzee Slim Bar 40g

Chimpanzee Slim Bar 40g

Chimpanzee Slim Bar 40g - Sold in a pack of 6
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