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This item was discontinued 12th September 2014.

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Code: BRRID20H
  • Rider 20 is the exquisite and handy cycling computer, designed to be your companion for casual and every day rides.
  • The screen with big font size makes it easy to read in all conditions.
  • Equipped with GPS to record your tracks, laps, speed, distance and calories burned.
  • With Heart Rate Monitor included (20H)
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Brilliant little computer at a bargain price. It does everything I want/need, no frills it just records my rides. I find the Bryton website a bit odd in that if you have created a .gpx file for download into Strava, that file can only be uploaded into Bryton as a 'planned ride' rather than 'history'. Likewise all my backed up .gpx files, which constitute my real history, can't be loaded. I may be misunderstanding but that just seems odd!
Excellent little device that my lad is getting lots of use out of. Paired with the HR strap and a Garmin Speed/Cadence sensor instantly, and to be honest is every bit as good a unit as my Garmin. The web interface is excellent, and he is now able to analyse his training and his rides/races. Add to that a very good service from Merlin, thank you.
This computer, for what you pay is amazing! Its the same price as some of the more expensive computers and for that money you get a GPS computer with ANT+ compatibility. Fantastic. The computer does need a minute or two to find a fix, but once done I have found this computer is accurate and nice. The two problems I can think of is; 1) I'm an avid user of STRAVA, and although uploading rides to strava is fairly straightforward, the Elevation data is often wrong. Bryton need to fix that 2) It also has no average speed function which I find a tad annoying But for the price I paid, and the fact I got a HRM as well who am I to complain. Does the same as a Garmin edge 200 or 500 at a fraction of the price! Great buy!
Small and light with a clear display. Not as intuitive to use as some other computers and instructions could be better, hence the 4 stars, but cannot be bettered for the price.
Excellent computer, value for money at this price. It locks the satellites efficiently, battery lasts a lot longer than main competitor and downloading routes from device to Strava is easy. However the HRM strap provided in the bundle did not work but Merlin offered hassle free replacement. five Stars for Merlin !
Excelente. Simple, small and efficient.
The computer is easy to set up, has a night light that makes the display easy to read when training after the kids are in bed and is easy to fit. Not sure I like the heart rate strap, but its comfortable enough and works. Cheaper than any other comparable product, can not comment on durability yet.
Fantastic, small GPS computer with heart rate monitor belt included. Works like a charm. Won`t get any better GPS ANT+ computer for this price!
Great little computer. Took a little time to figure out the menus and took a few goes to get the HRM to pick up a heart beat ( had me worried for a bit!) very clear screen, accurate GPS so far & easy to upload your rides to the Bryton software. Cycle mount is very good, easy to fit and computer doesn't move even on the roughest rides. Shame it only comes with one mount though, so had to buy a second.. Otherwise very pleased. Quick delivery and well packaged too!
A nice, neat cycle computer. Battery life is very good - 5 hour night rides with the back light on with not problems. Start up instruction could be better
Much smaller than I anticipated, but easily legible graphics, easy to operate - once you have downloaded the instructions and read them. Very good value for the amount of information that it holds.
Haven't use this much yet but my initial reactions are thats its great. Its really small, light and easy to read. Accuracy seems pretty good to. The only negative point is that its a little hard to use if you're doing anything more than just turning it on. Having only 3 buttons was never going to provide the best user experience.
Out of the box the unit was fairly easy to navigate although the instruction book provided was lacking a bit of detail. After downloading the full user manual from the Bryton website, the setup was a breeze. With a nice big display and good array of features this is quite a handy unit to share your adventures.
Great little unit. Easy to set up & once the firmware is updated, works even better! Takes a little time to lock on to the satellites initially but very fast after that. HRM is a nice extra. For the money, highly recommended
Does what I need it to do, with the addition of being able to add a cadence sensor in the future. Looked at the 40 but felt that it was just to much data for my level of cycling.
Very easy to use, has all the information you could want in an easy format. Still looks like a cycle computer which I like. I bought this at sale price with HRM strap which was a bonus but it is ANT+ so wide range of add-ons should you need them. The Bryton web site that you upload the data to is reasonable but you can use gpx file for Strava etc as well.
Excellent piece of kit and at a real Merlin bargain - Computer + HRM for the same price as the computer alone from othert vendors. I've ridden with this for a couple of weeks now - over 300km - side by side with my Cateye Velo. The GPS does give slightly different results to the mechanical measurement of the velo and the interpretation of the results varies depending on which web site you upload to. I've used BrytonSport, Strava and RideWithGPS as comparators and the same file (regardless of format - GPX, TCX etc) does give slightly different results, bur thats the nature of GPS . In use the Rider 20 is easy, but you do need to remember to start recording your ride as the display of speed etc comes up whether or not you are recording. i've been a couple of clicks into my rides on two occasions before I remembered . Doh!
I needed a replacement for my Garmin Edge 205 which has been running out of battery power before getting to the end of a ride, despite fitting a new battery. I looked at various GPS devices including Garmin which are now so expensive and finally decided on the Bryton Rider 20 as I do not need navigation ability. The Rider 20H has a HRM belt supplied. Unlike the Garmin I have found battery stamina to be outstanding at around 20 hours! So far it has performed very well and I like its' small size being around the same size as a standard bike computer but with GPs so no magnets to cause problems. Data is uploaded to the Bryton website and can then be uploaded to Strava as I have always done with the Garmin. The Bryton website is good and shows all the stats you need including HRM data. Once paired with the HRM belt, the heart rate display starts working instantly and every time the belt is worn. There are just 3 buttons the central blue one for turning on with the 2 either side for various menu options. The display is readable whilst riding even though it is smaller than on the Garmin I need glasses for reading but have not had a problem with the Bryton even without glasses. The unit has to be charged from a USB lead plugged into a computer and does not come with a mains charger, but you could use a mains charger which has USB sockets for the lead as supplied, the plug is a Bryton design which has surface contacts to keep the unit waterproof. Overall I am very pleased with the Bryton Rider 20 which is at a sensible price for the average cyclist who does not need navigation but wants GPS tracking. I have now also purchased the optional cadence sensor to provide even more data! The quality seems as good as more expensive units including the Garmin Edge 200 which is its nearest rival although without navigation, but does have HRM and cadence ability which are more important to me.
this GPS is easy to use .and good.THis GPS is GOOD AND Cheap THan GERMINN 200.BUT I do'nt to know How To Use .