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Burley Bee Child Trailer is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Burley Bee Child Trailer
Burley Bee Child TrailerBurley Bee Child Trailer

This item was discontinued 14th January 2016.

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Code: BUR400
  • 5-point harness
  • Side windows with UV inhibitor
  • Recessed helmet pocket
  • Cargo net for easy storage
  • Non-zip 2-in-1 cover for weather protection
  • Full internal roll cage
  • Front, rear and wheel reflectors
  • 20' composite wheels
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I bought this trailer after reading countless reviews and blogs and finally deciding that spending a little more on a Burley seemed like a good idea. I'm very, very glad I did! The trailer itself is very light but feels very sturdy and well built. It takes a matter of seconds put together or dismantle so you won't have little ones creating merry hell while you're struggling with some tent-like monstrosity. Actually riding with the Burley attached to my MTB was a breeze. You can feel that you have some extra weight attached when you first start pedaling but once there is even a little momentum you barely notice the trailer is there. Despite there being no suspension, I had no complaints from my son about comfort apart from the one time I hit an unexpected tree root which was about 3 inches high (so not really surprising). My rides with it have been on fairly civilised cycle tracks which had a few minor bumps in but nothing serious. I doubt you would want to use this buggy in the real rough stuff but for family forest trails and trips on quiet roads I doubt you could get a better trailer at this price. One other great point about this trailer is the amount of storage on the back of it. I managed to stow bike locks, spare clothes and a picnic (with blanket) in there and it wasn't even half full. If you're considering one of these, get it, you certainly won't be disappointed!
Very impressed with this, you can spend a lot or a little on these trailers and this one I guess is kind of middle of the road price. Very good build quality and very sturdy/rigid. Our 1 year old seemed to like it, he was making the right noises and the only time he grizzled was just before he went to sleep, all the cycling daddy was doing must have made him tired. The straps can be converted to change it from a two seater to one seat in the middle. There is plenty of space behind the seats for a nappy bag and some lunch and drinks. There is also some pouches in the seating section for stuff. Our boy had a couple of toys and his sippy cup in the passenger compartment area. It was easy to set up and join to the bike, it connects to the rear axle easily and the hitch can be left on the bike if you want so can then just connect each time using the split pin kind of thing. The trailer is not too wide though is wider to the left than to the right when cycling so you have to be aware of that. It seems very safe, secure and would recommend this, very impressed with it. Merlin Cycles had the best price on the net I could find (bar ebay and the like) and I searched a lot of places!
So far this is superb! We picked it because it was the lightest model in its bracket... Useful as we have hills with a capital H here in Cornwall! It's easy to swap between bikes so we leave the trailer at nursery to make it easy for ne of us to drop off and the other collect. Merlin cycles was also expedient.