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The Centaur chain is incredibly quiet thanks to the Teflon wax treatment and the link-pin coupling geometry that reduces friction to the minimum, prolonging the life of the chain and ensuring less dispersion of the power transmitted.
  • Width 5,9 mm
  • Ni-PTFE Finish
  • 114 links
  • Ultra-Drive
  • HD-Link for Ultra Narrow chain
  • Lightened links and hollow pins
  • 5.9mm Special Steel Links - Prolongs chain life, reduces wear on gears and sprockets
  • Antifriction NI-PTFE Treatment - Reduced friction, smooth pedaling, quiet operation and greater efficiency - longer chain life
This is the old Chorus 10 speed chain renamed. Excellent wear characteristics and light. Merlin is the cheapest on price and provide an excellent delivery service to boot. Get yourself a bargain!
Stiff and durable chain.