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Campagnolo Neutron Ultra Clincher Wheel Set
Campagnolo Neutron Ultra Clincher Wheel Set
Campagnolo Neutron Ultra Clincher Wheel Set fitted with Continental GP4000sII Tyres & Tubes

Classic. And never skips a beat.

The Neutron(TM) Ultra(TM) are now a well-established symbol of success for Campagnolo(R) wheels.

Sought after by professionals and amateur cyclists alike, its characteristics are inimitable. Super lightweight on inclines and extremely reliable; they can be responsive when called upon, or comfortable against the hard pavement, even after hours on the seat.

The Neutron(TM) Ultra(TM) encompasses everything a cyclist requires.


Features & Benefits

  • The Exclusive Geometry Of The Polygonal Rim: Allows for an elastic rim, which is both comfortable and extremely responsive at the same time.
  • Rear Rim With An Asymmetrical Drilling: Allows for a perfect alignment of the nipples and hub for better spoke tension, leaving no weak points.
  • Milled, Low-Profile Rim: Reduces the peripheral weight of the rim, and makes the wheel responsive and fast, especially in up-hill rides.
  • Straight-Head Steel Spokes In Variable Sections: Maximum wheel torsional stiffness. Spoke tension is maintained and guaranteed performance with the best aerodynamics. Stability even at high speeds.
  • Carbon Fibre Hub Body: High degree of lateral stiffness - reduces the weight to the minimum.
  • Cup And Cone Bearings: easy ball/bearing adjustment, reduces possible ball/bearing play, precision operation, maintains performance over time.
  • Oversized Flange: Increases the torsional stiffness, increasing reactivity at each change of pace of the cyclist.
  • Aluminium Axle: Reduces the weight of the wheel.
  • Quick Release: Steel spine and eccentric, lever with drill lightening and aluminium die. Eccentric-closure system allows cyclist to modulate the pressure necessary for heightened sensitivity to find the proper closure for the block. Easy to use, with a material resistant to wear and tear, rust, and pressure.
  • Continental GP4000sII 25mm Tyres & Tubes fitted.


  • Front Wheel: 630 g
  • Rear Wheel: 840 g
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Absolutely love these! Pretty much had topped out on my performance as far as I could with my commute / general ride times were concerned. Put these on and knocked 35 seconds off my PB for my commute overnight. (7.5 miles each way). Freewheel is practically silent so I can now sandbag to my hearts content without bothering the guy in front.
Forget Dura-Ace C24's. Cop the weight penalty because these wheels are better in every other way. Stiffer, accelerate better, roll better, look better (decals are removable) and are cheaper! Very happy with these, and like most campy products, will last forever. Only gripe is that the brake track is a little narrow requiring super accurate brake shoe set up, but that's a small price to pay.
Very pleased with these. Very crisp handling and somehow seem to ride more smoothly than my old wheels (Fulcrum 5s, 8 years old), which I wasn't expecting. Also, the rear hub is almost silent so free wheeling is super quiet!
Bought these after reading only positive reviews on all the major mail order websites. The only negative I could find were the remarks about new tyres being difficult to fit and I can confirm this. I bought new Vittoria Rubino Pro's at the same time and they were hard to get on the rims. Not looking forward to my first puncture! Having only ever used conventional hand built wheels I can confirm that the Neutrons are very free rolling and transmit all my pedal power to the road.. The ride is nowhere near as hard as I imagined and the freewheel is nearly silent.I also changed the quick releases for some much lighter titanium ones I had lying around. So far an excellent product which I would recommend to anyone especially at this price.
What can I say, tried & tested over several years this wheelset is superb. Light, responsive and bomb proof. Difficult at first to get the tyres fitted but once mastered it gets easier. Supplied with tapes & wheel bags also a nice touch. Look great on the new Rourke!