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Campagnolo Scirocco 35 Wheel Set
Campagnolo Scirocco 35 Wheel Set
Campagnolo Scirocco 35 Wheel Set


A new 35mm high profile that makes the new Scirocco 35 range unique. Aerodynamic and yet easy to handle, responsive and light, but with all the advantages of a standard tyre wheel with aluminium braking surface.

Suitable for all routes, the new Scirocco satisfies the demands of amateurs and great long-distance riders as well as cyclists with a pronounced "racing" spirit.

State of the art technology and great performance from the very first kilometre.

The new Scirocco H35 mm will be also available in the Cyclocross version.


Features and Benefits

  • Rim:  35 mm profile for a standard tyre: translates into good penetration while being extremely easy to handle even in a cross wind.
  • Dynamic Balance(TM): every point of the rim is counter-balanced by an equal weight on the opposite side. Maximum stability of the wheel even at high speeds.
  • Spokes: spokes with aerodynamic profile: provides the maximum aerodynamic penetration. Reduces aerodynamic drag saving rider energy.
  • Spokes anti-rotation system: allows the spokes to maintain the best aerodynamic position.
  • Front: 18 aero spokes, radially laced in stainless steel with variable cross-section.
  • Rear: 21 aero spokes in stainless steel with variable cross-section, doubled on the drive side
  • Exclusive MEGA G3(TM) spoke pattern: perfect balance of the spoke tensions on both sides of the wheel. Reduces stress, increases transversal rigidity and the transmission of power to the wheel. MEGA G3(TM) eliminates vibrations even with "heavy" cyclists.
  • Hub: Aluminium hub: high side stiffness yet with low weight.
  • Aluminium nipples: reduce the peripheral weight of the wheel.
  • Oversize flange MEGA G3 cassette side: increases torsional stiffness, greater reactivity with each change in the cyclist's pace
  • Aluminium pin: reduces wheel weight
  • Additional seal: keeps the bearings/balls zone clean and smooth running, maintaining performance over time. (Scirocco H35 mm CX version)


  • Front Wheel: 788 g
  • Rear Wheel: 937 g

Option to buy with a pair of 25mm GP4000sII Continental tyres and tubes, ready fitted.

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First view was the second brand of Campagnolo, the Fulcrum Quattro, just because I don't like the stickers on the Scirocco, but I made the order the 1st day of the year and i bought this for 208 euros, the fulcrum was 30 more euros, so I don't look behind and bought the Scirocco. They are way better good looking in person, it transformed my bike , with a real weight of 1750 grams its a little heavy but when rolling on the flats and even in some short hills they roll great, on the flats are better than my Zondas, but that because they are 35mm, not Zondas but almost there, a little less weight, and it was been great. Hope Campagnolo in the future recondition this wheels like they do with the Fulcrums, these are just better. I bought it again for sure. Great set of wheels
I have bought these a year before for my Campag groupset and have very pleased with their performance. They are not light but are very durable. I've recently used them on a 200k and 400k Brevet on rough roads on a rainy weekend and performed admirable and have stayed true despite running into bumps and potholes. This recent purchase was with a Shimano Spline for a Shimano groupset. Minor note - the decals on the rims have started to peel off on the edges. Although this is just cosmetic, a small lapse in quality can sometimes lead to bigger things hence the 4 stars instead of 5.
Did not have zonda's in stock so I went with Scirocco's. Not the best climber but these wheels are fast on flats, roll out well (great bearings), and have a great braking feel.