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Cateye Enduro Computer
Cateye Enduro Computer

This item was discontinued 6th September 2016.

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Code: CA240ENDUR

Perfect for off road use, it features standard cycling functions along with calorie consumption and carbon offset tracking.

  • Current speed
  • Elapsed time
  • Trip distance
  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Calorie consumption
  • Carbon offset: 
  • Total distance
  • Clock
  • Pace arrow
  • Auto power saving
  • Auto start/stop: Yes
  • Tyre size: 16"/ 18"/ 20"/ 22"/ 24"/ 26"/ 700C 
  • Battery: Lithium battery CR2032X1
  • Battery life: approx 3 years  (1hr use per day, may vary depending on environment.)
  • Dimension: 55.5x37.5x18.5mm
  • Weight: 28 grams
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A basic cyclocomputer intended for mountain bikes. Setting it up is a little awkward, as it requires you to press two recessed buttons on the back, but it is doable. The display is large and easy to read. The mounting hardware is more heavy duty than a typical wired computer. You can't beat the price.
I purchased this computer for my mountain bike as my commute had recently increased from about ten miles a day to 35, and I thought it would be useful to start tracking some basic figures for trip time, average speed etc. I was looking for something which would be easy to set up and easy to use, and the Cateye pretty much covers it. Setting the computer itself up was a breeze once I'd navigated my way around the two map-sized instructions (one for the actual instructions in about a dozen languages, the other the accompanying diagrams), and installing the bracket on to the bike was as simple as cable tying everything to the right bit of your fork/handlebars. The spiral-wrap type piece provided to run the cable from the fork along your brake/gear cable is an excellent solution which makes everything tidy. Using the computer when cycling is pretty effortless, the display is large and clear (though only in daylight, I imagine at night it would be difficult to see anything due to the lack of a backlight), and changing the display type is as easy as pressing the large button on the front. Some of the functions are near enough useless - the carbon offset feature works out how much carbon you would have produced driving the same distance in an average sedan from 2012 (or something to that affect) which isn't something I've ever been curious about, and the calorie counter uses so many estimates to extrapolate a value from basic information that it's best ignored. The essential information is pretty much spot on - my cycle to work comes out on the computer at 16.66 miles taking the most direct route, and google maps suggests its 16.7, so I'm happy that it's an accurate reading. The one thing that's missing is the ability for the stats to be displayed on loop, which is something my other (basic, wired) computer can do that's installed on my road bike. It would mean you could easily see all the information shown one at a time automatically, instead of having to press the button to manually go through. I've noticed that due to this, I don't take as much notice to average and top speeds, instead just focusing on the trip distance.
Great value for money - I have always found Cateye products to be well made and robust.
Really good little piece of kit. Easy to setup and good price
Probably the most reliable make I have had
Japanese simplicity, seems very robust, colour is nice. There are several different functionalities in case. It is how we expected, liked the one and only button which is functioning to change the screen. The sets are done through the holes behind requiring a pencil which is good not to give any chance to some foreigners to play with the settings when mounted on bike :)
I bought 2 of these computers at a bargain price from Merlin after my previos Cateye vanished into the undergrowth. They are excellent little devices that do everything I need and are very easy to set up and read on the move. On deivery neither Computer worked due to flat batteries, easily replaced. Assume they had been on the shelf along time.!
I had been looking for a new computer for a while & the cateye fitted the bill. Sturdy build with a chunky cable as I`ve always been disapointed with wireless systems also merlin was the cheapest price I could find on the net. Standard delivery was quick enough. I would recomend your site to anyone.