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Catlike Yelmo MTB Cycling Helmet

Yelmo was the way to name to the helmets that were part of the medieval warriors army and protect them on their hard battles. Catlike borrows this concept in order to give name to the innovative helmet model, that has been designed for the mostrisky battles in the mountain, as can be the practice of Enduro.The R+D Catlike department has worked for several months in order to obtain an innovative mechanism that allows to incorporate a regulable visor with five different positions. The result: 5P Visor. The Integrated mount adds the possibility of hooking an action camera with which it will be able to capture all your feats in the mountain or a light with which it will iluminate the way. The collaboration with Boa Technology also comes to this new model of helmet with the objective of achieving an exceptional, quick and infallible adjustment.


  • Easy to hook up to action camera
  • Visor can be set to five different positions
  • Tough Outer Shell