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Charge Spoon Cromo Rail Saddle
Typified by its lightweight at just 285g, supportive shape and pressure-relief channel the Spoon is the saddle of choice for XC, enduro and road riders alike.
  • Cromo Alloy Rails
  • Pressure Relief Channel
  • Durable hardened material
  • Lightweight: 285g
Premium quality saddle that looks fantastic for very little money. Shape is spot on and comfortable. Padding is on the firm side. Some cover materials can be slippery with certain bike short material.
The best comfort to value saddle out there. I have one on my mountain bike, gravel bike and my road bike
What's not to like, comfy, light and looks nice. Absolutely no issues fitting onto my reverb post. Will probably buy another for my hardtail soon.
Charge Spoon has a great reputation in the cycling world, and my old cheap saddle was getting uncomfortable, so I went for one of these, loving it so far, rode 6 hours at the weekend, felt perfect for me.
Easy ordering, prompt delivery. Charge spoon is the best saddle I've had in 25 years of cycling. Good value.
I got the tan version. This is a cracking value saddle. Light, fairly comfy and very nice looks. Time will tell durability I guess but initially I'm very happy
Fitted to my touring bike and my botty and wallet absolutely love it. Light, well made, very comfortable and cheap as chips
Fantastic service from Merlin, delivery was very fast. I needed to change my saddle as the 18months I have been road cycling I have lost alot of weight and toned up my lower body. This has meant my stock saddle has become rather uncomfortable on 50k + cycles. I had read alot of positive reviews about the charge spoon saddle and thought for 20quid it was worth a punt. What a punt. It is so comfortable. I was going to pay to get a saddle fit but so glad I went with my hunch and purchased the spoon instead. 5stars
Bought for a mate, been using this saddle for years, comfortable and hard wearing, good price from merlin
Very comfortable, and great looking saddle. The tan leather looks rad with skin wall tyres! Very good quality and a very good price. Excellent value for money!
A bottom-soothing bargain! I'd never bought a saddle before, always just used whatever came supplied with my bikes. But a horrid mid 1990s saddle that came on a bike i bought on ebay was a proper stinker. I suffered it for 1200 miles, but lately it began to split, so a new one was called for. The Charge Spoon reviewed well, and was cheap. What the heck, right? It surely couldn't be worse than the one I had. Well it was a revelation. No more slipping forward to the nose, nor falling off the sides when leaning over. This one is comfortable straight out of the box, no need to "break it in" and my bottom stays put until I decide I want to move it. 140 miles ridden on it in less than a fortnight, and I've forgotten I bought a new saddle. And not being reminded you have a new saddle is probably the best result you can hope for in a new saddle. It's like a proper 'magic carpet'. Definitely top of the list for any of my other bikes that may need a new seat.
I have tried loads of saddles but keep coming back to the Charge Spoon
Brilliant saddle - Lightweight - Comfortable and looks good on the bike - Great price and fast delivery - Recommended
Only had it on one run so far and it was solid and comfortable. Looks well constructed.
Much more comfy than the 26yr old Flyte Ti it replaces! Quick delivery.. all good at a great price too
Very good quality at this price and whilst it's no armchair it is certainly more comfortable than my O.E saddle. Managed an afternoon's riding without significant discomfort.
For value, weight and shape, this saddle is excellent : 5/5. For comfort I would give it 3/5 : it is not as comfortable as I thought it would be based on other reviews, as the hull is quite stiff, but there is reasonably good padding. However I have become used to it, and with a good pair of cycle shorts I have ridden on it all day.
Bought this saddle as I had heard of it in the past and I wanted an inexpensive saddle to replace the one that came with my MEKK. As usual the saddle arrived from Merlin within a couple of days of ordering and I fitted it straight away. Have done 3 rides so far and can say that it is much more comfortable than the existing saddle, I would recommend anyone who might be thinking of buying this saddle to go ahead and buy you will not be dissappointed.
Great looking seat. Comfortable. And fast delivery. Excellent.
Excellent product (I now have five of them), promptly delivered by a fave supplier. Thanks as ever.
The most comfy saddle that doesn't cost a fortune. Bought it for my touring/commuting bike.
This is my third - the other two saddles are still going strong after several years and when compared with the flashier brands, the price/comfort ratio all the more appealing.
Highly underrated saddle, even if it is just for the commuter.
Oh man, this is the second Charge saddle I've bought and for me I can't fault it, v comfy and fits me like a glove, for want of a better euphemism, would recommend for those that have been sitting in silence for so long.
Great price from Merlin for the Charge Spoon. Have had loads of these over the years . Very comfy.
Comfortable for long ride
This saddle is better than other more expensive saddles. Super comfortable and looks amazing. I'm definetely recommending it
Nice bit of kit that looks good and is fairly comfortable after a long 60 + mile ride. Only problem I had was it is a pretty short saddle and the rail is quite short which means I need a shorter stem
Having tested 3 different saddles prior, all costing upwards of £135, this Charge Spoon is by far the most comfortable over club runs of 60+ miles, a bargain at £17.95 delivered!
A great value saddle that seems to comfortably work for so many, including me.
Very comfy saddle at an excellent price
Having used these saddles for some time now, it was time to purchase another for a brand new bike. And once again it was a comfortable as the first. This is a saddle to have at this price.
Chose the saddle for my wife's hybrid, she thinks its good value and comfortable.
It is said that if your saddle ain't right, then you ain't gonna ride right, after spending nearly two years on the saddle that came with the bike, I read the reviews and took heed, now so may you, bloody comfy, now a joy to ride.
Been using Spoons for years now, great comfy saddle for general road and MTB use, not the lightest in the world but good quality. Great price on Merlin at the time of purchase and arrived quickly.
Great saddles, I've recently bought three for my two bikes and one for my dads, good price and lasts long enough (my previous spoon lasted three years at least) and suits my backside much better than the pricey saddle it's replaced (just wasn't getting any more comfortable no matter how much I tried to get on with it).
Glorious saddle in terms of comfort and looks. I'm a bit worried about the effect of the heavyweight and abrasive stitching on my bibshorts though. Time will tell.
Absolute bargain, super comfy
Very well made saddle, at a great price. A little on the hard side, but hopefully after a few rides it will wear in. Very classy brown color too!
Only one ride in but is comfortable. Faux leather looks great. It a great value
The cheapest, most comfortable saddle ever.
Brilliant saddle, I really liked the matt surface which gives just that bit of friction to stop sliding around on the saddle
Great saddle, have them on all three of my bikes.
This is a review after 7 hours of use across 3 rides. The saddle was easy to fit so no problems there. I was a little concerned about the seams which appear to cross the point on the saddle I would think were likely to rub but I have not had any problems. The saddle is wide enough but not too wide. I have found it be comfortable but could not comment on how comfy it would be on an extended single ride. Nice design and looks good
Really smart looking saddle, was sceptical that a sub 20 quid saddle would be aesthetically as nice as more expensive ones but I was proved wrong! As for comfort it's also pretty good, 110k cycle the first day with it & felt pretty good. I'm optimistic that I'll be keeping this for a while. Excellent service from merlin, speedy delivery & appropriate packaging
Like many others, I like the Charge Spoon saddles. This one matches the décor of my new bike and remains comfortable even on a long ride, unlike the saddle supplied with the bike. The price is also very good. I can't comment on the durability yet, but my other Spoon saddle has no problems on that score.
Most comfortable saddle I've ever used. Light weight too. Highly recommend.
Replacement for original Giant saddle which I could not ride for more than 30 miles before getting a sore bum. For less than 20 quid and with good reviews this had to be worth a punt. Did a 15 mile then a 50 mile ride with no issues. Initially a tad hard but has since broken in and is as comfy as could be now. For less than 20 quid this is a brilliant buy. It even looks like a more expensive saddle than it is. Would recommend trying.
Bought the Charge Spoon for my Kona Blast. The saddle is well built for the price, easy to position ....and surprisingly comfortable! Only had it for two weeks, so I am not sure of the longevity, but judging by the build, I suspect it will hold up quite well. Great value!
Only been a two-hour ride so far, but first impressions very favourable. Certainly well worth the money.
Bought this for use on my second bike. Suits me personally. Light comfortable and hard wearing. No reason for me to spend a fortune on a saddle as this is perfect for me. Delivered quickly and well packaged.
A great all round saddle. Weight is quite reasonable and the cost is excellent compared to the same Fabric saddle at twice the cost.
Great design and very comfortable. Very good value for money
Great value, decently made and just the right shape for me.
Comfortable saddle at excellent price. Already have one on my touring bike using for past 8 months - got another to fit on my hybrid.
Quick delivery. Well packaged. Saddle was easy to fit and easy to tweak to adjust to get the most comfortable position. Only done one ride on it, but the initial impression is that the saddle is fine, unlike the previous saddle which left with aching sit bones. No signs of feeling saddle sore. Hope it continues like that,
Good quality, well padded comfortable saddle that doesn't add too much weight to a bike.
A real bargain. Very comfortable saddle at an unbelievable price.
Really good value for money saddle, comfy and light.
One of the comfiest saddles I've ridden, and I'll definitely be fitting another one to the next bike I buy! And: what a great price!
Looks good, right level of comfort, well made, good price and prompt delivery.
I have to say i'm really impressed. I've been had by all the major brands on this tech and that feature and the fact that it's half a gnats hair lighter... in essence this is an outstanding product at an outstanding price, delivered in a couple of days. Very comfortable and simple enough to fine tune as there are no real complications with it. I will be ordering some more for my other bikes!
Great saddle at a fantastic price, I find this saddle super comfortable, a lot more so than saddles that cost 5 X times more! If you worry about every gram you might find the saddle weight of 280g a bit heavy, but apart from that I would save your money.
I`ve tried several saddles and endured a lot of discomfort but have found the Spoon to be just right. It has just enough padding and is narrow enough to prevent chafing and hip spreading. I now have a Spoon on each of my bikes and highly recommend this good value and very comfortable saddle.
I really like the vintage look of the leather saddle although it is noticeably faux, really comfy but yet still supportive and should wear well hopefully!
A classic saddle that'll stand up to a great deal of abuse. I previously ran Flite Titanium a saddle on my mountain bike, and although super comfortable, the thin leather cover really didn't stand up too well to the abrasion of wet, muddy shorts and wore through leaving it looking scruffy. Thankfully, the synthetic cover of the Charge Spoon is much harder wearing. Adding to that, the great shape and unbelievable price, the Spoon is my go to saddle of choice for my MTB/ Fixed Gear bikes.
Spent quite some time reading reviews and looking for a decent saddle, after the stock one on my Giant road bike was just too soft, and after trying a high priced Fiz'ik was getting numbness on longer rides. This brought me down the path of cut-out and relief channels, but I was still struggling what to go for! Hours of online reading always brought me back to this saddle but sadly stock in the UK was limited (surely that's testament to the quality ?). Luckily Merlin had stock (only place in the UK that wasn't charging double the RRP!) and it was processed/delivered very quickly. 3 rides in (approx. 130 miles later) and I feel like a new man ;-) My a*** has never felt so good! Highly recommended and an absolute steal at this price!