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Charge Spoon Cromo Rail Saddle
Typified by its lightweight at just 285g, supportive shape and pressure-relief channel the Spoon is the saddle of choice for XC, enduro and road riders alike.
  • Cromo Alloy Rails
  • Pressure Relief Channel
  • Durable hardened material
  • Lightweight: 285g
One of the comfiest saddles I've ridden, and I'll definitely be fitting another one to the next bike I buy! And: what a great price!
Looks good, right level of comfort, well made, good price and prompt delivery.
I have to say i'm really impressed. I've been had by all the major brands on this tech and that feature and the fact that it's half a gnats hair lighter... in essence this is an outstanding product at an outstanding price, delivered in a couple of days. Very comfortable and simple enough to fine tune as there are no real complications with it. I will be ordering some more for my other bikes!
Great saddle at a fantastic price, I find this saddle super comfortable, a lot more so than saddles that cost 5 X times more! If you worry about every gram you might find the saddle weight of 280g a bit heavy, but apart from that I would save your money.
I`ve tried several saddles and endured a lot of discomfort but have found the Spoon to be just right. It has just enough padding and is narrow enough to prevent chafing and hip spreading. I now have a Spoon on each of my bikes and highly recommend this good value and very comfortable saddle.
I really like the vintage look of the leather saddle although it is noticeably faux, really comfy but yet still supportive and should wear well hopefully!
A classic saddle that'll stand up to a great deal of abuse. I previously ran Flite Titanium a saddle on my mountain bike, and although super comfortable, the thin leather cover really didn't stand up too well to the abrasion of wet, muddy shorts and wore through leaving it looking scruffy. Thankfully, the synthetic cover of the Charge Spoon is much harder wearing. Adding to that, the great shape and unbelievable price, the Spoon is my go to saddle of choice for my MTB/ Fixed Gear bikes.
Spent quite some time reading reviews and looking for a decent saddle, after the stock one on my Giant road bike was just too soft, and after trying a high priced Fiz'ik was getting numbness on longer rides. This brought me down the path of cut-out and relief channels, but I was still struggling what to go for! Hours of online reading always brought me back to this saddle but sadly stock in the UK was limited (surely that's testament to the quality ?). Luckily Merlin had stock (only place in the UK that wasn't charging double the RRP!) and it was processed/delivered very quickly. 3 rides in (approx. 130 miles later) and I feel like a new man ;-) My a*** has never felt so good! Highly recommended and an absolute steal at this price!