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Clif Bar Shot Energy Gel - 34g
CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel provides quick energy to athletes while racing and training. With our new formula and flavours getting energised between breaths has never been easier
  • Formulated for athletic performance
  • Contains carbohydrates
  • Two levels of caffeine
  • Eco-friendly Litter Leash™ Packaging
Mr Ronn Good taste but on the thick side, not so easy to comsume on the bike
massimo72m Very good and natural products! Really amazing.
Mr Naisbitt More like a thick sauce than a gel but a great coffee taste and really hits the spot when you need a boost.
Hugh Really like the espresso flavour. Nice thick gel. Great boost.
Gareth Davies Excellent pick me up when I'm tired on a ride- has done the business on successive Saturdays, but only four stars because the packaging is a bit finicky, and the consistency means you need to drink lots of water with it... More of a 'stop and gulp it down' rather than a 'feed on the move' gel...
Mr Lawson By far the tastiest of the coffee and caffeine gels out there.
Mr Naisbitt Not exactly a gel, more like a very soft toffee in texture so can be tricky to swallow. For serious coffee lovers only, strong in taste and a proper caffeine hit gives a great boost when you most need it. I love 'em!!
Rachel S These gels can be quite thick and sticky but I prefer them over the more liquid ones, I like to feel that I'm actually consuming something rather 'drinking'. Espresso is my favourite flavour and gives me a good boost.
Mr Moss When your body needs a short boost these really seem to hit the spot
MTB chick Pretty tasty, but perhaps just a touch too thick. Slightly thicker than Gu, you sort of have to put some effort into swallowing it.
Mr Untalan I rarely use gels, found this product quite good. I prefer the taste and thinner viscosity of the Torq Raspberry Ripple but the nutritional numbers are better for the Clif Razz.