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Continental Grand Prix 4000S Clincher Road Tyre - GP4000s is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Continental GP 4000S Folding Tyre
Continental GP 4000S Folding Tyre

This item was discontinued 16th September 2014.

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  • The Grand Prix 4000s boasts global appeal as the best all round race bike tyre on the market.
  • Not only is it fast and super grippy, thanks to its state of the art Black Chili rubber compound, but it is also tough with a healthy tread layer and of course our Vectran™ anti puncture breaker layer underneath.
  • So for reliability, longevity and all out performance for your race machine, the GP 4000s is the only choice. 
  • Now available in 700 x 25C also.
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Excellent tires. Seem to roll better than others I have used.
I usually run Gatorskins. Too early to say how these last but they were a lot easier to fit and feel great.
Giving the gp 4000s a go in 25mm this time now the wet and cruddy roads are nearly on us so far they seem that bit more comfy and don't notice any difference in speed compared to 23mm ones, will be using these right through the winter so will report back in a couple of months to see how there doing .
A mere novice, but these tyres appear fantastic compared to the stock pr2 tyres that came with the bike. Markedly faster and much more confidence cornering and in the wet.
Very nice tyres - lightweight and noticeably more grippy than the Vittoria Rubino Pro's they replaced. Not the best looker in the world mind - missing the colour options of the Vittorias!
Bought these for my father for his birthday. You could say cycling is his religion and he loves his new tires. Durable, great for the road, and reliable.
Only tires I use. have 4 spares.
Some of the best tires out there. They provide a supple ride on rougher roads and are still predictable in turns. My favorite tire...
A now hard to find tyre, now replaced by the mk11 version, at a good price. Run at 95psi on the rear it has made my Colnago C59 more comfortable and it feels faster than the 23mm GP4000S it replaced. I'm currently using it with a Michelin 22/23 latex inner tube. If you've never tried a 25mm tyre then it's worth giving one a go, provided it will fit your bike.
These are great tyres. They are pretty durable, and ride well. I use them on gravel roads. I no longer bother with 23c tyres.
These tyres came fitted as standard on my bike and after nearly 3000 miles without a puncture and great feel on the road I was happy to replace like with like.
It's a good tyre, grip, wear, rolling resistance, puncture resistance, all good.
Great tyre at a great price! I have used the GP4000S for just over two years now, on training and race bikes. The tyres roll really well and touch wood don't cause too many punctures. I opted for this tyre due to the benefits of a lighter but not too light that the time saved is lost fixing punctures. Highly recommended tyre
Great. No reason to get any other tyre. The 25c is noticeably more forgiving of crummy road surface than the 23, and I see no speed loss.
An excellent all year tyre, this is my second set (Last time I went for the 25mm) this time I've gone for the 23mm. 1 puncture in around 3000 miles.
Simply the best tyre I have ever used. I purchased these to replace a set that I had a puncture on. On closer examination the tyre were totally worn out after close to 5000 miles. A real fit anfd forget item.
These replaced a pair of Vittoria Rubino Pro 3 tyres which I found to be slippery in wet conditions. I was amazed at what a difference the Grand Prix made, not only interms of grip but also the overall feel - much smoother and livelier. They are a bit more expensive that some other tyres but well worth the money.
These tyres are great, as you probably know. Grippy, hard wearing, and, for a sporty tyre, very puncture resistant. I ordered this in the afternoon, and it was with me the next day.
Changed from 23 to these 25mm clinchers. Running them at 80psi instead of 100 and have been soooo much more comfortable! Wish I'd done it earlier....
My favorite road tire. Sure, I pick up a flat or two during the life of the tire, but they are so comfortable compared to the alternatives which are more puncture resistant and they have good traction even on wet roads. I get about 4000 miles / tire on the rear, 2x on the front.
Similar to 23s in a straight line. Cornering is less squirelly and more predictable and less tippy. Expensive but you get what you pay for. Merlin cycles gave prompt and professional service.
The only tire I would use outside of the depths of winter.The 25mm tires matched with latex tubes and a wide 23mm rim (Velocity A23) give a great ride on our less than superb roads. I think 25s will be the market majority in a few years!
One of the best tires for both low rolling resistance and longtevity.
Great grip, puncture resistance and longevity for a fast clincher! Used these for the last 3 seasons, excellent tyre!
Great tyres. Light, grippy, and hard-wearing. 500 miles so far and going strong.
Awesome tyres, I swapped the 25C of these for the Mavic 25's that came on the bike. Very surprised by the difference made - more grip, smoother ride, but equally good rolling.
After trying pretty much every commonly recommended race tyre, I just stick with the 4000s now - rolls fast enough, pretty durable, don't get many flats, and grippy enough. A true jack of all trades.
Have 2 of these on my Roubaix, good grip, nice price and puncture resistance. Great tyre.
A great tyre, fast rolling good mileage and almost 2000 miles without a puncture. I will buy this tyre again, and you always get the same great service from Merlin
What can you say about these tyres. They've been my go to tyres forever. They're not the lightest, not the most hard wearing and not the most puncture resistant. What they are excellent at though is being a good all rounder. Nuff said.
My favourite tyre: fast and light, good for long rides, pretty puncture resistant for the first year on.
Excellent tyre, fast, grippy and surprisingly comfortable even at 115psi on the rear, too soon to comment on wear rate but strongly suspect I will get another when this or the front wears out. By the way, best price and usual very quick delivery from merlin.
Excellent tyre. Great for training, racing, and good performance in all weather.
Superb tyre and now at a knockdown price with the launch of the GP4000s MkII. I operate these at 110psi rear & 100psi front and the ride is smooth and responsive. Previously I had a 23mm front/25mm rear configuration, mainly as an experiment, but the ride felt a little spongy. This was mainly due to my rims being only 20mm wide. Mounted on 23mm wide rims the 23mm tyres would perform even better.
Grippy & confidence inspiring. A very sure-footed tyre, grippy in wet and dry. Good rolling resistance, improves handling on my bike. Confident in descents and braking. A great tyre I would heartily recommend them if you like to go fast.
Great tyres as always. Great for racing with that extra grip when it's a bit wet!!
Great tyre, very grippy, conference inspiring and light!
Only out twice on these but don't seem to have suffered any cuts or other damage yet. Maybe a bit sketchy on wet roads but they are new so I'll give them time.
Been using Grand Prix's for 20 years. These are the best ones yet. They are supple and smooth riding. Flat resistance is excellent. I installed the 4000s' on a set of Placente SL23 wheels, the 25mm wide tires are faster and better handling than my 23's ever were.
Excellent product. I wouldn't buy any other tyre.
These tyres have great grip and inspire confidence will not hesitate to buy again.
Best all round: fitting, puncture resistance and performance.
Great tyres, great grip in wet and dry conditions. Good wear. Would recommend
Excellent tires which came highly recommended and its easy to see why. Good grip which gives confidence on down-hill, cornering especially, but not too sticky that will wear you out. I'll be sticking with these in the future.
Just bought my second pair of these to replace the ones that have been on all year. Wear has been good considering the mileage apart from a few cuts, though the majority of the riding has been on very poor surfaces in the Surrey lanes. Despite the cuts I have had zero punctures, but the best thing about these tyres is the grip...they have saved my life a couple of times! They also roll really well, so happy to give these 5 stars and invest in a new pair to see me through the Raid Pyrenean next month.
3 rd set of these now previous sets have worn past the wear marks with zero punctures quite amazing on UK roads, will not ride anything else.
Very pleased with my purchase of the Continental GP4000S tyres. Very reliable, just what you need on any bike ride, irrespective of distance.
Used many tires over the years and continue to go back to Continental. The GP4000S is a great tire for training and racing. Merlin always has great prices.
Continental tyres have always been my first choice
Excellent, grippy tire. Easy to mount. Much more compliant on the road than the gatorskin.
Great tyre. Very grippy in the dry and incredibly puncture resistant. I've had two punctures in 2000 miles of riding on them which is good going by my standards!
Lightweight, Easy to Install, Low rolling resistance.. Best tires I've ever used, yet :)
Expensive, but it is lightweight and easy to roll. So far the tire has not suffered stuck with 600km of use. If you can reach 3000km with the same quality will retire the michelin pro 4 sc ..
Love these tyres and very rare that they allow something through to puncture the inner tube. A little tight on installation, to say that the fit is snug is an understatement. Make sure you've got strong tyre levers to get them off as I've snapped 4 nylon levers on these. A little skittish on road markings that are wet but apart from that really good grip and a smooth ride
Great tyres! They are light and roll very nicely.
Great all round road tyre, fast, light and grippy.
Excellent tyre.
Great Tyres, say no More, its continental... Merlin deliver the item promptly to Hong Kong, arrive in under a week
Always run these since I 1st started riding, in my eyes there's no better for price, great allrounder tyre, I run them all year round. Last well with very little puncture issues...Reliable.
I`ve been buying these tires for 4 years now, I easily put over 4000 miles, if I get 2 flats it time for new ones. The last pair I bought I didn`t get a single puncture, I just wore them out.
I have used GP 4000S for the last 3 years. Its probably the best clincher tire on the market. Low rolling resistance good grip and good mileage (did at least 5000 km on my last set). This time I bought the 25 mm version to see if it makes any difference with regards to rolling resistance. So far I can only say that it feels a bit smoother.
These tyres are great. I used them all last year and have just ordered two more to use for this year....highly recommend as a good all round road tyre. Ordered and received next day, as always!
Great tire for racing.
Quality lite tyres better than Vittoria, and last longer
Best price I have found for these tires. Great all around tires. I use them on my training rides and for racing. Delivered as promised.
These tyres are great - have had a good run from these - unlike some other top brands.
Great tyre. Lightweight and durable. Costs twice the price in bike shops in Australia.
I use these Tyres all year round on my daily commute to work , never seem to get punctures and have covered around 2000 miles this year and the sidewall is just starting to give up not the cheapest tyres around but well worth it ..
Great tires! Fast shipping to Brazil! Thanks
Great product. Best clincher tire to train and race on. Great price. Fast shipping.
I've been using GP4000S tyre for half year and I am happy with it. Highly recommended. Excellent quality. Cheap price.
Allround prominent tyre.
Cheap and perfect quality! the best I ever tried!
Good value tyres and fast delivery.
Great tires for racing or reliable training. The threads on the bead tend to come off in strings after about 12mths old. They wear well so it's easy to have them last on your race only wheels.
Brilliant tyres. Excellent for Darwin, Australia
Good arrived in good shape
Recommended to me by a colleague and I am pleased he did. Great tyre, very little rolling resistance, plenty light enough, seems to have dealt with the rubbish on our winter roads so far without any issues. Sure footed in the bends dry or wet. Will buy again.
great tyres at a great price. Didn't think tyres would make much of a difference but these have great grip and feel.
I've been using Continental GP 4000S tyre for years and very happy with it. Highly recommended.
Excellent quality , nice sticky rubber.
Continental GP4000S tyres roll well and are tough and durable. Here in Southern California our roads are now filled with potholes and plenty of glass from litterbugs. These tyres give me the protection I need for a comfortable and safe ride.
It is very comfortable to ride in. Durability is not known yet.
Great rubber!
Fantastic tyre! Much faster rolling than my previous tyre & better grip, recommended by other riders who have us them for a while with no problems.
This tire is lightweight and flexible. The grip to the road surface is expensive, but a feeling of run is light. And the price is reasonable, too. It is the tire which is the best for oneself.
Brilliant tyres! I use these all year round with no issues. Fast and secure for my winter commute or summer Sportives. German dependability. Recommended.
Great tyres, fast rolling with lots of grip. Highly recommended at Merlin's price...super fast delivery too.. will definitely use Merlin again.
Good tyre,running well, and good protection against air leaks
I used to use Michellin's Pro3 Race but found that they puncture relatively often. I once went down a 12 degree slope at 70km/hr, rolled over a pebble and the Pro3 Race punctured. Scary as hell. So I switched to the GP4000s. These are fantastic tires; great for training & racing. Have gone over pebbles and pot-holes. No problem!
Good purchase, easy to order from Merlin with quick delivery and a very competitive price. The tyres are of a great quality and do exactly what they say they will do. All in all a very good shopping experience, a great product and Merlin's normal high service.
Great. Bought them to replace standard issue Zaffiro's that came with bike. Wasn't sure what to expect but definitely worth the change! The soft compound inspires confidence, the lighter weight is more noticeable than expected especially with the steering. Also the rolling resistance is much better - really noticed it going down some hills the other day with friends where before we were at similar speed when free wheeling, now I'm past them and away!
Bought this tire to be used with a set of Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheels. Mounting the tires onto the Mavic wheels were really easy, only thing to note is the arrow indicating the rotation was hard to locate, so make sure you take note of that before mounting the tires Together this combination was a noticeable upgrade from the stock wheels that came with my bike
Came with box and instructions. Seems like a quality product!
Only completed 200 miles so far; mostly in the wet. Appear well made. No issues so far with respect to punctures. Rolling resistance is less than the Specialized Mundos I replaced.
Always good and reliable. Ordered at 1.30pm parts arrived 9.00 am following day, regular post great stuff
Stiff, fast and durable tyre. highly recommend.
light, durable and fast tyre. this is the best choice.
Light and incredibly quiet and fast. Most important, anti-puncture.
IMO the best all round tyres. Not as light as some but puncture protection is exceptional (One puncture in two years). Very grippy even in the wet, and long lasting. Only now after two years are my original tyres showing its almost time to replace them. Done almost 4000 miles on them.
I'm happy with this purchase. Was choosing between this and Pro3. My old tires were Lithions, which I felt were quite sturdy (lots of aborted punctures), but had to replace due to bad luck on a big slice from glass. Pumped at 110 PSI and matched with the superlight Continental tubes (30 grams lighter over ordinary inner tubes - based on my wife's baking scale...). Tires themselves weighed practically the same, With this setup, tires feel grippy, comfy and easy to roll. Compared to the Lithions (1.5 years old) they were more comfy at 110 PSI. Could be because the 4000s were brand new (still had thicker rubber and thus allowed for more cushion). Used to pump the Lithions at 90 PSI, at that pressure it was quite comfy without being heavy to roll. But the difference in grip/stickiness of the Conti vs my old Lithions is substantial enough to be felt. Can't comment on durability as I've had them for less than a month. No complaints. Really smooth. I like it.
Reliable, puncture resistant tyres, able to withstand the rough chip on some of our NZ roads. Durable for training, good enough for racing.
Best road tyre I have found for mix of low rolling resistance, grip, durability and reliability. A bit more expensive than other brands/models but well worth it over time. A wider choice of colours might be nice?
Very nice tyre, light and stiff.
Great product and price.
Absolutely fantastic tyres made a massive difference to my bike handling. Highly recommended!
grippy in the corners and fast folling. will see how they last, but perfect for my riding needs.
Great tyres and grip. They are the Best tyres on the market
So far so good
Outstanding process, great international delivery, excellent value
Great tyre, noticeably faster rolling and grippier than the scwhalbe lugano it replaced. Only done one 120 miler on it but felt sure footed on damp corner and its not scrubbed in yet. Highly recommended espcially at this price
Have you used these tyres fro a number of years as the get rarely puctures and perform well. Good training tyre.
Cheap price and usual super quick Merlin delivery, brilliant!
Great tyre - grippy and fast. Massive upgrade to my bike! Coupled with Merlin's fast delivery and great prices, you can't go wrong.
Quality tyres at a class price. Arrived here on the epicenter of cycling (isle of man!) in 2 days.
Quickest, relaible sportive tyre I`ve found
Seems to be a good tyre so far, much more durable than others I've tried.
The benchmark, do not consider anything else, flawless.
Bought these as summer tyres to replace Michelin Krylion Carbon. Seem to roll fast yet retain a good grip. Have put a couple of hundred miles on them. No problems so far.
Great service great products
Fantastic tires. Have used in one triathlon and a time trial. No issues so far.
Top tyre and great price from Merlin. Difficult to get on to my Mavic Elite rims but once on look and feel great.
Great tires; they grip well and wear better than the usual competitor tires.
These tyres are amazing thay respond verry well in all conditions.i have been running these on my bike since thay brought them out, quality tyres contintal are hard to beat. Plus thay look the part.
SO far so good roll well, like high pressure and seem durable are grippy on corners etc
Excellent product and exactly what I was looking for, great service also. Many thanks.
Great tyres, ideal for the supposedly nicer weather we are having. Roll well and saved some weight over my snakeskins.
GP 4000s are always a great choice at a really competitive price