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Crankalicious Limon Velo Degreaser Spray
Water-based active degreaser for fast, effective removal of oil, grease and road gunk from drivetrain and derailleurs (and other areas of the bike).
Increased friction and the feeling of a crisp gear change utterly ruined by a chainset covered in oil, mud, and grease? Struggling to remove bonded contamination on the frame using normal bike cleaning spray? Reach for the Limon Velo. It’s a water based degreaser designed to penetrate and remove all that grime.
Goh Drivetrain was squeaky clean after application, some agitation with a paintbrush and rinsing with warm water
daniel Good degreaser that is potent enough to dissolve built up oil and grime, but not too strong as to tarnish parts. Believe this is a green item as well, so won't harm the environment or your skin.
Mr Voukelatos Amazing product I didn't believe I spray the whole bike I kept for 5 minutes and then I wash with water. The results was amazing it was like new chain and gears looks like new. I highly recommend this product. I have try many degreaser this was amazing.