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Crud Road Racer MK2 Mudguards is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 17th January 2018.

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Code: CRD200
Crud Road Racer MK2 Road Mudguards

The Crud Road Racer ultra-light mudguard is now better, tougher and stronger with extended coverage for your wheels. The innovative fitting system allows the Road Racer MK2 to be fitted on bikes with exceptionally close clearance where traditional bike mudguards simply won't go. Incredibly flexible plastic blades and breakaway fittings prevent a wheel locking should a foreign object get caught between the mudguard and the wheel or frame. In-built and replaceable pile brushes allow the guard to 'hover' close to the tyre without rubbing, and negate the need for tough, heavy fittings and keeps the mudguard guard central over the wheel.

  • Black
  • 180grams
Ideal for bikes with limited clearance
Either you have eyelets or dont have them, you will be pleased by performance and looks of this product. Stylish, quality, done job perfectly in even storm, perfect item and must have by all season cyclists. The only come down of this product is my bad luck that after it came, the rear mudgard's rear edge had little divergence along its axis but it does not effect its job. Thank you for your service
Super sleek! I think my bike might even look cooler with these on! Have only had them on two days now but am loving them. My back fender is still rubbing a little bit but I think some quick tweeks should fix that. My one problem was that the directions they came with were SUPER unhelpful. Thank god for the online tutorial otherwise who knows how they would have ended up. Thanks!
A good, lightweight set of full coverage mudguards at a reasonable cost. Somewhat difficult to set up without rubbing but otherwise great.
Great set of mud guards for bikes that don't have a great deal of clearance.
Took a bit of effort to adjust properly to ensure little / no rubbing. Lots of trial / errors, but once it's on haven't had problems. Super light and flexible, but does the job to keep the crud off.
Second set of these, great product, easy to fit and delivered quickly by Merlin
Good product. Bit fiddly to set up.
Well made easy to fit
Had to cut them to fit my Planet X, but other than that they work very well.
Great snug fit and great coverage.
Ideal for bikes with a tight clearance between the brake mounting point and the wheel. Highly recommended.
Surprisingly good having read various reviews I was a a bit dubious . They are a bit fiddly to work out how fit. Check the you tube video it helps a lot . They are very good on my trek domane 4 which had very little clearance . Recommend you remove wheels and rinse off inside the guards after a wet ride as mud build up could rub on yr tyres
This is my second set of these mudguards. Easy to fit and keeps your bottom dry!!!
These are very light and easy to fix to your bike. They will squeeze into very tight tire clearances as advertised, and do a great job of keeping road dirt off you, your bike, and , if you use the long rear extension, anyone behind you! My only complaint is that to get the front guard to completely clear your tire can be fiddly and frustrating if you can't tolerate a little rub now and then. This is my second set, and after using the first set for three years now I've got the adjustment down pat and I have no rubbing. These guards seem easier to adjust as they age. They may seem a little pricey for what you get, but they are engineered well and seem to last--my first set still looks almost new!
Can be fiddly to fit and not all frame/tyre combinations work without rubbing, but they're very good at keeping you dry, especially with the longer flaps fitted. I also know from experience that they break away instead of becoming trapped in the wheel, which is expensive but cheaper and less painful than a crash!
I had the original Crud Racers a few years ago and these are a vast improvement. Longer rear guard is much more effective and the front mech protection a nice touch. Fitting to my Madone 4.5 was simple and they perform well out on the road. Occasional slight adjustment required to minimise rubbing but given the tight clearances on this set up I would say all within reason. Recommended winter riding product if your bike can't accept full on mudguards.
Cracking set of mudguards, used them on the ride with brad sportive. Barely noticeable, quiet and have a happy brother in law for not jet washing him when it rains!
A bit fiddly but once on the bike, easy to adjust & do their job well. Quick delivery & good service from Merlin
Took a punt on this, slightly nervously after some of the comments re tricky fitting. Watched the video on Cruds website, fitted (one daft moment with the stays) and all is good. Occasionally needs tweaking to stop rubbing but generally easy to fit and work well. Nice easy, light solution to getting muds on the roadie and did a fine job in this weeks rain. Recommended.
Second pair I have bought I really rate the crud mk 2 mudguards easy to fit and remove simple but very effective a must for all road frames with little clearance for normal mudguards
Tried a few options in my time and these work well. Very good price too!
Well designed and can't imagine any other mudguards doing a much better job to eliminate spray and muck. Follow the instructions and they are not difficult to fit (make sure you don't accidentally use the long screws where the short screws should go, or you'll have to undo and swap). In N Yorkshire winters these are invaluable, particularly if riding in a group - if you still want friends by the end of the ride! They reduce to about 5% the muck and (more importantly) the salt hitting the brake calipers, downtube, exposed gear cables, cable adjusters and bottom bracket. Still sensible to rinse / wash down after most rides with salt on the roads. They fit inside Shimano 105 brake calipers very neatly. Can flap a tiny bit, but I wouldn't even take off 1/2 a star for that!
Recommended to me by a colleague who rides for a team, plus I've always found Crud's MTB guards to be excellent. These mudguards are brilliant! I use them mostly for commuting and the winter and it's nice to get to work without crud all over yourself (and bike). They do take some fettling initially to get setup but most mudguards are the same. The lightest and best for road bike. Will work with tyres upto 700c x 25 no problem.
They are nice because they work on my 25mm tires but they are a bit wobbly and a pain to properly install. They get the job done though and I guess that's what is most important.
Cheap and easy ish to fit No problems when riding Great
A truly great product, well designed and well manufactured... and all in the UK too! Although fitting them took me a little while ( maybe 30 minutes or so ) and a visit to the excellent tutorial on the Crud Products website was required the effort was well worthwhile, they fitted without any need for trimming to my Cube Agree GTC Race and they look great ( really.. they do!) The fit is excellent, and despite their somewhat flimsy appearance they are pretty sturdy. I certainly have not experienced any rubbing from them on the tyres. I have had many opportunities to test them over the past few weeks what with our excellent weather of late, and they do a sterling job. They are not going to prevent all the water getting to you or the bike, water dripping off the tail of the front guard tends to get on your shoes, and water drops out onto the chainstays, but they are a "must have " for riding in the rain and they do a great job of preventing the dreaded "skunk stripe " In summary, one of those increasingly rare products nowadays that is great value, well made and does exactly what it is designed to do. Heartily recommended!
This product is a regular purchase of mine. Unfortunately I often catch the bottom of the front mudguard with my shoe and snap the guard under the fork crown, hence need for another pair. Be useful if I could just purchase a replacement front. However as a solution to tight clearances it is a good product.
Easy to fit, and well worth it this wet winter!!!
Expensive as theyre simply plastic but theyre extremely effective. After a wet and muddy 60 mile road ride in North Yorkshire I didnt have a soec of mud on my top half and the bike was kept clean. They dont eliminate sray from the knee down but other than that theyre ideal. Also very light and quite stylish for a mud guard. Good fit with no trimming needed on my Cannondale supersix
Big improvement on the MK1 version. Front mech is now protected. And the longer rear guard stops wet butt. Doddle to fit and means you can keep riding your best bike a bit longer into winter.
These are great lightweight guards, robust enough to handle tough weather and rattly roads yet small enough to keep up the appearance of my sleek roadbike! The only reason I haven't given 5 stars is because the fitting instructions are rubbish - I suggest you throw them away without reading and go to the online video instead.
Bargain..great mudguards fitted them easily after watching video on u-tube. Fitted my boardman comp perfectly keep 90% of crud off me and the bike. Should have fitted these before!!
Mudguards arrived quickly as per usual with Merlin. Unfortunately there is not enough clearance at the rear wheel so I need to return them for a refund. Strangely, front wheel clearance was just enough. Must be unlucky in that my frame is one of the few for which these don't fit. Service from Merlin was impeccable, and I hope the refund process is straightforward.
Good very light guards - ideal for the racer in UK weather
Good improvement on mk1.
If you need mudguards for your road bike this product might be for you! They're light and easy to fit but may need some adjusting to get them clear of the tyres. They do a good job of stopping the worst of the dirt thrown up from the road but I guess they will never give as good coverage as a bike with proper clearance for a standard mudguard set. Well done to Crud for developing these mudguards for bikes with little clearance as now your summer bike can also be a winter bike!
Well worth buying, really impressed after fitting these mudguards. No more spray mark or wet bottom, which cant be bad.
good quality guards i have used them on a few long rides and they are excellent at keeping the spray down even through a 10" deep puddle!
Don't be put off by others who've said they had difficulty fitting these Cruds to their road bike. I took my time, watched the YouTube videos on Crud's site and as a result had no problems at all fitting them and setting them up. The guards provide complete coverage and protection for both rider and bike and can be easily customised to your own preference by choosing what length of top and tails you want to fit. I am absolutely delighted with the Crud's and would highly recommend them to anyone with minimal clearance between tyre/brake/forks or those who are lacking any proper guard mounts... they look really good too!
An excellent product, easy to fit and they do what they're supposed to.
Bit of a footer to fit and rubbish instructions but good mudguards. Would recommend.
My bike has mounting lugs and clearance for 'proper' mudguards, but I just couldnt bring mysslef to ruin my bike with what are generally ugly items. These are perfect! They are barely even noticeable.... oh and they work too! For the weight conscious, I thought I'd been sent an empty box they seem to weigh so little :)
excellent service received them the next day. As always with merlin postage brilliant. cant fault.
The Crud Road Racer MK2 is a great product, I recieved mine quickly from Merlin and had them installed on the bike the next day. I was worried that they would ruin the look of the bike but because they ride so close to the tyre they don't look bad at all. They were also easy to install, although the instructions needed more than one read to get your head around them. So far they have worked well in bad weather too, and deal with most standing water really well. I would recommend these mudguards to anyone!