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Roadie is the sleek and aerodynamic bar-end mirror designed for road bikes. Roadie takes just seconds to install. Simply fit in place of the existing bar end plug.
  • Quick installation
  • Adjustable & stable
  • Wide field of view
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Very good product, essential for safety if you have trouble with neck/ back, slim and discrete.
As an older cyclist I some times have trouble keeping tabs on the vehicles coming from behind. This mirror is easy to fit and improves my confidence on the road. A good value for money item
Easy to install. Looks good on winter road bike. Mirror moves slightly when hitting large "bumps" but easily adjusted back to required position. Viewing area isn't huge but sufficient to maintain an awareness of what is behind you. Obviously still need to look over shoulder before turning etc. All in all a good mirror.
I already had two of these on my fleet of bikes, and ordered this one for the "winter" bike, which is to be recommmissioned shortly. I have found it best to wrap some tape aound the ball at the end of the mirror where it goes into the bar end, otherwise it droops going over rough roads. Other than that it's very good.
The mirror is very good quality, light weight and fits secure on the road bike. Delivery from Merlin Cycles was amazingly fast and was the lowest price.
Kind of big, but very useful. Have some decent built quality.
Pretty good, initially I thought it may be too low having the mirror in that position but I've been pleasantly surprised, it holds it's position well over bumps and is great for getting an idea of what's behind you. Still always worth doing that shoulder check though for sure!
Mate of mine got me into using one of these and I now think they are invaluable on UK roads, either on my commute or weekend road rides. Obviously they don't replace a shoulder check, but they allow you to be constantly aware of what's coming up behind you. Yes it needs re-adjusting a fair bit and the road vibration mean it's not a crystal clear image, but it's not there for picking out fine detail.
Neat, unobtrusive and does the job. I wouldn't drive my car with out a mirror so why not my bike?
It is perfect when biking on heavily trafficked bike roads or in city centres. Although you might think that youre the fastest biker in town it comes a time when someone else will try to pass you.
Very nice; slightly less clear (but cheaper)than the comparable Sprintech model.
Great mirror, good view area, wish I bought it a couple of years ago.
great little mirror to keep safe and easily adjusted for any rider
I am pleased with the product and it is good vlaue for money. The field of view is quite small and therefore it can only be used as an indication of no immediate traffic before looking over your shoulder.