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Cyclus Gear Hanger Alignment Tool is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Cyclus Gear Hanger Alignment Tool
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Cyclus Gear Hanger Alignment Tool

This item was discontinued 5th October 2023.

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Cyclus Gear Hanger Alignment Tool
Barry I chose this after a bit of research and review reading. To me it represents great value compared with more expensive options from well known makers. In use it has very little play in the bearing so when it is swung around to the opposite side of the wheel you still get an accurate reading. A general caution whatever make you choose: do be aware of the type of hanger you have - the cast hangers don't always bend (they can snap) as I found out to my cost! Recommended, but use with care.
Mark Best price I found on the net for this critical tool. Does the job exactly the same as £100+ versions, so save your money for other cycling essentials.
David The probe is too short so I used a long driver bit in place. Bottom attachment nut has some play. I was left guessing the right amount to bend but it worked perfectly for that. I'd invest in the Park Tools model instead of this if you want precision but it does the job in a pinch. Bike shop quality? Not a chance. Home mechanic with a few older bikes? Definitely.
Nicholas Simple and works well. Threaded cleanly into mech hanger and was easy to use after figuring out how to negotiate it around chain- and seatstays.
Mr Aguilar I like this tool it solve my shifting problem. Cheap but functions the same as other RD hanger alligner.
Steven I bought a new bike frame and installed Shimano 105 components on it. Unfortunately I couldn`t get the rear derailleur to shift properly. It wasn`t bad, but it was never very smooth and chattered a bit after an hour or so of riding. Adjusting the high and low screws as well as the B screw and cable tension helped a little but it was never 100%. I bought this hanger alignment tool in hopes of finding out if the hanger was bent. Sure enough, it was. It didn`t take long to correct (with internet help) and I was able to straighten the hanger. What a God send. I checked my other bike and that one too required a tweak. A must tool if you look after your own bike.
Dr GAGLIARDI This tool is recommended. It is well made and perfect for a home bike mechanic like me. I used it this weekend on my Lemond Zurich, a steel framed machine, and it worked like a charm. Although it came without the little metal bar which, according to various pictures, is" thumbscrewed" to the end which touches the rim, I simply substituted an Allen bit which worked perfectly. What a difference. Drivetrain once again feels as new-smooth and quiet.. If your derailleur does not hang straight down(no pun intended), you need this tool
Mr Ryf The screw that inserts into the derailleur hanger tapping seems fine. Perhaps not best quality machining. The rest of the tool is great. Simple large adjustment screws.