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Deda Superleggero RS Carbon Seatpost
Deda Superleggero RS ultralight seatpost with zero or layback, designed and developed without compromises in terms of reliability and strength. The 1-bolt clamp system allows an easy and fast assembly. A fine adjustment of the saddle inclination is possible through the adjusting screw on the seatpost head.
  • Material: UD full carbon construction
  • Length: 350mm
  • Setback: 0mm (Inline), 12mm (Layback)
  • Weight: 192g (Ø31,6 mm)
  • Finish: Black
  • Compatible with Deda adapter for DI2 internal battery
Marc Duperron Very happy about this new seatpost, pretty rigid though, absorb quite well the bumps of the road
PEACE light & have enough flexibility on a rough road condition
Cyberbiker Really nice seat post, nice finish. I needed a zero offset post. I don't really like the thumb adjuster mechanism because I find it a bit fiddly but it hasn't been a problem as such. I would buy again its good value for the weight saving above a standard seat post.
cyan Top quality and very light
Mr Tse Very light. The 1-bolt clamp system is easy and fast assembly.
pczajk Just perfect! Well design, Easy to adjust, lightweight stuff..
scott Excellent seatpost, well designed, light and aesthetically it looks great. Does reduce road vibration a little more than alloy ( but so would larger tyres and lower pressure) great service from Merlin and the use of loyalty credit made this a bargain
Mark Really nice seatpost, feels a lot smoother than the one supplied with my bike and a lot lighter!
Dr Ramli The seatpost came assembled in its original box and manual. It didn't take long to mount it on the bike and test in a short ride. Definitely impressed with the product, and Merlin's price. It is difficult to get in my country, so I'm glad I can now mail-order components direct from Merlin UK
T1000 Had a Deda seat post with setback, but wanted to move forward a bit. This is a great post with easy micro adjustment, looks great too
Ric Awesome post. My delivered 31.6mm post is 192gm.This post is 81gm lighter than the 'carbon' post it replaced. Quality is of highest level. I purchased the black stealth. The red "Superleggero" is silk screened so it is easily removed with acetone. Just put electric tape over the "Deda" to protect. Very happy with my purchase
James Nice, solid-feeling Seatpost. That there's the knurled wheel to ease saddle adjustment is a benefit; the post itself is very stable. MERLIN shipped very prompt (Vermont USA) and the sale was a pleasure. Thank You.
Mr papadopoulos Excellent seatpost. Not like the Thomson clamping system (the perfect for me) but the next better system is this and lightweight as the other Deda components. Perfect
galavoxx It took almost a month to arrive to San Francisco, California but the wait was worth it. The first thing I noticed when taking this out of the package was that the logo is raised like braille and looks like it will last for a long time. It is not just a little water based stencil or thin paint so it should look good for years to come. The head of the post is robust and the two bolt system looks like it will keep the saddle in place. I plan to use this on a CX bike that I will ride in gravel races as well, so saddle security is crucial. Overall, the style and quality of this post are top notch. I can see how some people might have issues with the front facing bolt on this saddle. It cannot be accessed unless you have a saddle with a cutout. As such, adjusting a saddle without a cutout might take a little extra time as you have to remove the saddle and put it back on to adjust the front bolt. Other than this, I am assuming this saddle will perform as good as it looks.
Mr Barraclough Fantastic product, excellent low weight for the price. Zero layback has transformed my riding position.