Sorry, this product is no longer available!
DMR Vault Platform Pedals is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 2nd August 2018.

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Wide, Light, Slim, Tough, Tuneable. The DMR Vault is the next generation of the classic V8 and V12 family.
The DMR Vault pedal is a tuneable flat pedal designed specifically for riders who want a bigger platform. Equally at home on an all mountain or downhill setup, the DMR Vault pedal offers great stability and grip for the bumpiest of trails
  • LARGE – 105mm * 115mm
  • LIGHT – 400g per pair
  • SLIM – 17mm concave foot bed
  • TOUGH – Extruded 6061 Aluminium and 4140 Cro-mo Steel axles (9/16?)
  • TUNABLE – 11 pins per pedal. Flip the pins to fine-tune the grip
  • SERVICEABLE – High load DU bush and cartridge bearing
I couldn't believe platform pedals could be that much better. I just came off some Transitions and the DMR vaults are miles ahead. From the grip to the comfort, I couldn't be happier. They look good and perform even better
Its as if my shoes are glued to these pedals when on the trails. Its completely changed the way I ride. More importantly, they look super cool .
Love these pedals. Great support and grip while staying lightweight. Would highly recommend
Checked other sources for reviews and these pedals were continually ranked the best or top five. Half dozen rides in so far, I'm loving. Seven adjustable pins per side -they hold you in. I'm 6'2" riding in a downsized 10.5 (us) shoe, just the right size pedal face, wouldn't want bigger.
These are really good pedals. I've bought 2 pair now and have a set on my road bike because I really hate clip-in pedals. Very large landing area and my feet stick like glue. Atractive as well. Also really like doing business with Merlin even if I'm in the US and it takes a little longer to get my stuff.
The wide platform and large number of pins give Excellent Traction and support. . The number, location, and length of the pins can be changed around to adjust the traction to your preference and/or the shoes you are using. At this price (US86.32), 5 stars. I have seen comparable pedals sell for US$50-US$90 I ordered the Black 6061 Alloy models. A bit heavier than the Mg versions, but should be a bit tougher against the New England Rocks these will be bashed upon. ** As a bonus, The Black color comes with BLUE traction pins. which will match the Black with Blue Trim colorway of my Specialized Fatboy Expert Crb.
Pedals are fantastic and have a ton of grip. Would buy again.
The slight concave provided good arch support for me feet. I wear a 39 so I don't get the beneft of contacting all 11 pins all the time. Maybe a narrower version would be better. I noticed the blue on the pins are already coming off. Also in reviewing the comments I took off all the pins to put locktight on so I won't lose them. So far, so good. I haven't broken in my new shoes so not sure how sticky the shoe/pedal combo will eventually be. Also I'm new to flats so it would be a matter of improving skills to really stick to them.
The best flat pedals around. These orange and blue pedals look awesome on my bike, and they do their job. A nice upgrade from the Deity Decoy Pedals I was using before. Any time I am not riding clipless, I will be riding these DMR Vaults! Merlin Cycles clearly and consistently has the best value on these for sure.
The pedals look great and most importantly function as intended! Great grip and a nice large, sturdy platform. I almost went with a different more low profile option but decided upon these due to their durability and great price. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. My order also arrived rather quickly (which is great for all us guys over here in the US). Bottom Line: If you don't need super paper thin pedals, try these bad boys out. They are still relatively thin, but much stronger and reliable than many of the other options out there. I went with the red ones and they look great!
I've been a fan of DMR pedals now since my first pair of V12's I just got these for my Enduro bike and they're even better! These are the best flat pedals I've ever used...period!
These are great. Loads of grip.
Write ups found across the web described these pedals as huge and good for large feet, and I was concerned that they would be too large for my size 8.5 feet., but the actual platform size is 105 x 105 (not 115) and they feel absolutely perfect! Really amazing and tuneable grip! Also, the chrome is gorgeous! Plus the price here just can't be beat! Oh, As for losing pins, I recommend applying blue loctite.
These are not only the best performance for the cost, these are the best pedals I've ever ridden. I've used many high end flat and clippers pedals and these are easily my favorite. They have a large platform, unbelievable amounts of grip, relatively thin, reasonable weight and the machining and finish on these things are the best I've seen. I can't say enough great things about them. Do yourself a favor and order these from Merlin cycles. Best price available and arrived quickly despite living in the U.S.
Not the lightest pedals out there and I can't speak to durability yet, but the Vaults perform great. Platform size is perfect for my size 11 feet and the pins keep them locked in perfectly.
Very happy with this product, I`m a bit older and trying to get back into pedalling. So I was quite surprised at how improved my grip was with the DMR pedals.
The DMR Vault pedals are fantastic. They are the grippiest set of flats I've ever used and look great.
Grippest pedals I've ever used. Size is just right too. Very well made
Great grip, wide platform, stunning looks, and an unbeatable price! What's not to love? Only a couple of times did I find that it was slightly difficult to reposition my feet as the pins wouldn't let go of my freeriders.
The pedals arrived fast and offer great grip. Also being a larger footed person this size is perfect.
These are everything you could ask for in platform pedals. They have the perfect concave cut so that you feel "inside" the pedal, the 11 pins are so right and offer grip like I haven't felt in any other platforms...ever, and they love gettin it on with some 5;10 stealth rubber. The Vaults may be the last pedals I ever own.
Compared to other flats I've run, the Vaults don't have the most grip I've ever had, but they are still in the top 3. I don't feel too glued to the pedal that I can't make quick adjustments, but I still feel very secure in that I won't lose foot position. Good trade-off. The overall size adds a lot to the secure feel. Very impressed and pleased with my decision.
Best pedals ever! I have these on both my All Mountain and my Downhill bike. You never have to worry about coming off these pedals! The large platform and 11 screws/pegs hold my 5.10's tightly through rock gardens and drops alike!
These are the best pedals I have tried thus far. The aggressive pins keep my feet locked in on descents and provide ample traction during climbs. The pins are a breeze to install or change, make sure they are snug before you ride, as I lost a few due to them being loose. Overall very impressed and may not go back to another pedal for a long time.
Great so far. I've taken them on 3 rides and they have been durable and have great grip.
Order came in a very timely manner considering it was overseas. I've only had one ride on the pedals, but I think they feel and ride great so far. Nice stable platform that fits a full shoe. They're sharp, so will cut you if you give them the chance (I caught the back of my calf), but that comes with any pedal pins.
Excellent grip and a large platform for big feet.
Great pedals, easy to service as well. Have them on both my bikes. They look great in red too! Excellent service from Merlin, as always.
A vast improvement over the stock pedals that came with my bike. Love the bigger size. More width was just what the doctor ordered. Couldn't be happier!!
These pedals give a great platform to work on. As someone who also uses SPD's I find that going back to flat pedals can take a while in getting the foot placement right. With these pedals I've had no problems and my feet stay planted on the decents. I've taken a few bashes against some rocks and apart from the obvious scratches the pedals are still spinning smoothly. May not be the cheapest, but they are reliable and compare well with other more expensive makes.
Nice and grippy with a HUGE platform. Would have given 5 stars, but the option for the pins is any colour you like, as long as it's Blue :-(
Nice big pedals, slightly concave with good pins so your feet feel very stable when it all gets a bit bumpy. Not looking forward to the inevitable calf & shin gouges that seem to happen with all flats although as these pedals are very thin I'm hoping that my foot will be less inclined to roll over the axle. Used them for several rides, including the South Downs Way in a day, and they've been brilliant so far.
Great product for a GREAT price,Thank you
These pedals are the next best thing to clipless! The bigger platform, low profile and customization are superb, not to mention the available colors to choose from!