EBC Disc Brake Pads Standard
EBC Disc Brake Pads Standard
EBC replacement disc pads in green compound. Models available to fit most current brakes.
  • These are a high quality organic formulation producing an excellent all round replacement pad for pleasure riding, cross country and trekking. If you're not sure what to choose, specify Green compound. Good lifetime and stopping power.
  • All EBC mountain bike pads are made using magnetic stainless steel backing plates. For systems using a magnet for pad retraction these are ideal but for all bike systems the benefit of a stainless steel backing plate is self evident.
  • For all systems which use a spring clip for pad retraction, EBC includes NEW improved strength retraction springs.
  • Many MTB brake rotors are NON hardened and have the words Resin pad only on them. It is critical that when you see this marking that you use a pad similar to EBC Green which is very low in its rotor abrasion features.
  • Remember the motto, if in doubt go for EBC green.
  • Disc pads for Mountain bikes have been around since 2002 and selecting the right compound for your needs is not only wise but essential for numerous reasons. EBC offer three grades of pad compound.
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Standard pads that I have tried and tested many times. No issues.
Great, quick service. Good pad upgrade for my TRP HYRD brakes. Would recommend these for anyone wanting to improve the stopping power easily. Nice quick dispatch.
Work better than standard Avid pads which squeal on an all Avid caliper and rotor set up. Great value and last longer than Avid pads.
Great bite excellent performance.
These pads are excellent, after an emergency a few weeks ago I had the misfortune to have to use another manufacturers pads, the EBC's are head and shoulders better and I can thoroughly recommend them.
Bought these as spares so not fitted them yet, but they look like reasonable quality, well made items
Good value quality pads that fitted with no problem. Too early to assess durability or wet performance but good and progressive in the dry. Have always used EBC pads in my motorbike with good results. So expect the same from these.
Good for the money. No squealing.
I replaced shimano organic pads with these ones. Had never tried EBC green on my bike only on my car but I was not disappointed. Once bedded in I found these to bite much better than the shimano I have used previously. They were slightly noisy till they bedded in properly but now they are completely silent. Great bite and modulation, I highly recommend them.
Good brake pads. Does what it says on the tin. Easy to fit and bed in quickly. No noise. Perhaps don't last as long as some but overall very good.
Seem to work as well as the Shimano pads the brakes originially came with at half the price. What's not to like.
Good, reliable pads that don't squeal all day. Decent price from Merlin too.
Good bite, easy to fit.
Don't seem to have the powerful bite of the original Avids but good, consistent, reliable braking.
Cheap as chips and decent quality as well - recommended!
Best pads I have used so far.
Quality brakes, cheap, resin compound so dont last too long, but are strong as any bigger brand.
Great stopping from cold. Easy to install
Great pads at a great price I would have given 5 stars but the pads for hayes stroker trail brakes require you to fit the very small spring clip yourself and its quite fiddly. I don't know why EBC don't fit it when they are made.
These brake pads are great, nice progressive breaking, no squealing and from what I can tell after a few hilly rides in Wales good on durability. The replacement spring also functions well and the price is reasonable. At least as good as OEM pads.
A good product at a good price.
Fitted these pads to my stroker ryde brakes and after a few xc rides in the Peaks in wet and gritty conditions i`m happy with how these pads performed.Wear rate is about what you`d expect and soon they will need a replacing. Took a little longer to bed in compared to the std Hayes pads but they performed well. Bit noisey in the damp which i dont mind too much. Wet weather road riding they did not have the same bite .lasted over 50km now and still plenty left. Good overall performing pad.
Good brake pads. Used them on two of my bikes. No squeals and bed in quickly.
Good value, work well. Even in the wet in Wales.
Have used these pads several times, excellent feel and power, in my opinion better than avid pads and significantly better than superstar pads I have try'd.
Excellent value, not installed just yet as the old pads are not worn down enough.
Excellent quality brake pads at half the normal price.
Another fantastic product delivered by a fantastic company. Excellent service and delivery. Thanks!
Really good balance of cost and performance. Always my first go to on brake pads
they fit the shimano bm445 brakes but look a little inferior to the originals. makes no difference if they do the job.
Just as good as the real shimano disc pads, but a lot cheaper to run. Good wear rate. Can't go wrong with them.
using a set of green organic compound with slx brakes, cheap,good stopping power and wear life with very little brake squeal
Quality EBC brake pads at a great price
A bit more aggressive than the Shimano pads but they manage heat and wear very well.
Excellent pads, as good as my original Hope items at half the cost!
Work well, bit fiddley to fit spring clips, be careful to get them the right way round
can not get better