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Elite Cannibal Bottle Cage
  • Designed to devour your bottle just as its' namesake used to devour his opponents
  • Huge entry point allows very easy insertion, especially in race situations when you need to get your bottle stowed quickly
  • Wraps completely around thebottle with an elastomer section to allow the cage to automatically adjust for different bottle shapes
  • Tough, reinforced fibreglass construction for durability and competitive weight
  • Wide mouth allows easy insertion from a wide variety of angles, making this highly suitable for frames with tight clearances
  • Proudly made in Italy
  • Weight: 39 grams +/- 5 %
Great price as usual from Merlin. I like how it's easy to put back your water bottle while riding at high speed.
It can fit a 950mL bottle on a medium frame and a 750mL bottle on an extra small frame. Nice color too.
Recommended for small frames. Holds the bottle securely.
Looks good, lightweight but a little clunky
My preferred model among bottle cages: easy fit in and out and nice rubbery texture.
Good quality bottle holder. Nice stealth black look and fits well in reduced MTB frame allowing easier bottle access. Snug fit to hold bottle during trail riding. Efficient order and delivery process with Merlin.
Good solution for the more cramped frame space of my MTB. Allows bottle to be put in or out of the holder at an angle from the side. Looks great in the stealth Matt Black too. Good price with efficient and trouble free service from Merlin Cycles.
Very tight cage. Very difficult to place and retrieve bottles. Must be very selective with bottles that you use.
Light, easy to put in and take out the bottle, and extraordinary looking
Terrific, better than expected. Really sturdy and holds drink bottle securely.
Fantastic. Easy to get bottles in and out.
Great looking cages, awesome price, very light and durable. Hold bottles very tightly, highly recommended!
Once you get the knack it accepts a bidon from a wider angle than a 'regular' cage, which is good thing when you hit a pot-hole just as you're attempting to put the bidon back! DAMHIKT Quite tight too - but better than being quite loose I s'pose.
Got these for my gravel bike as I don't want any bottle ejections. The stealth black is very(too) secure, as the matte finish makes it hard to get the bottle out even after 6 months! I have the same cage in a glossy finish on my road bike, very secure but easier to remove the bottles. So for the matte finish, 4 instead of 5 stars. BTW, got the glossy ones so I could get my rear bottle out more easily from the rather small clearance on my 52cm Madone.
Good product. Third one I bought (two bikes). Hold the bottle very tight.
Good bottle cage for putting the bottle in while riding but I have some trouble getting the bottle out. They should probably use these cages in the Paris Roubaix. I intend to apply some lubricant to help get them out more smoothly.
Strong and sturdy. Used a set on my road bike for over 2 years and no issues!
One of my existing bottle cages marks the water bottles quite badly, so I've now bought 3 Elite cages and they are a vast improvement. Plus you get the opportunity to match the colours with the bike frame.
Perfect bottle cage for my mtb, I was struggling with regular bottle cages and the size of my frame, but these work perfectly because they are side entry and hold bottles securely even through the most rocky and rooty hardtail rides.
Phenomenal grip. Best cage I've ever used.
Good cage, holds a long bottle very well
Looks great, grips bottle well and yet easy to remove bottle while riding, lightweight too!!
The black stealth looks like a matte carbon - easy in and out of bottles - great product
Excellent bottle cage, easy to get the bottle out yet grips it very firmly. Looks great on my canyon :-D
This is a great light weight bottle cage and holds the bottle very securely.
Great bottle cage. Lightweight and robust. It holds the bottle extremely well so perfect for rough roads and mountain biking. Works perfectly with my Camelbak bottles.
purchased to fit to my son's Specialized HotRock 20" as he was desperate for a bottle cage but restricted on space. Side enter / exit for the bottle is the perfect solution. Bottle is held securely & the finish looks great on the bike.
I bought these (kind of) side loading cages because I have a very small frame and can't get bottles in and out of top loading cages. Unfortunately these don't do the job because the mounting holes are at the very bottom of the cage, meaning that the cage sits very high in the frame and there's no room for the bottles. I have some Arundel side loading cages on another bike, which have two mounting positions and work a treat so I will try to find some more of those. These Elite cages are very nice and appear to be good quality, just not suitable for my purpose.
Good water bottle cage - light, strong and easy to get bottle in and out.
I bought the same cage since I was happy with the first. It gives you pretty large angle to put the bottle safely. It is light and looks good on a bike that has similar color composition.
Looking good and holds bottles very tight. I like rubber point and painting is good. Good price and light
Awesome! Installed this on my XC Race mountain bike and did not lose my bottle; compared to the Bontrager XXXL full carbon cage I used on the same race course. Similar to the Elite Custom Race Resin cage, the bottle fits tight which I like but easily slides in and out. Highly recommended.
It really fitted my bikes color That is why I chose that one, I could easily insert and out my bottle in a big range of angle. Only thing that I can say bad about the item is the stickers on them made it looking cheap.
Strong material. Good product
Great bottle cage. You can either put your bottle directly or from the sides of the cage. It also has a rubbery material which I really like.
Gorilla Grip might have been a better name. A little grippy to remove the bottle but it will definitely not bounce out. Easy to put bottle back in though. All helped by part side entry, good for small frames.
Good cage, holds bottle tight and looks the part.