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Elite Supercrono Forte Digital Wireless Turbo Trainer is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 12th November 2019.

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Code: 01114
Elite Supercrono Forte Digital Wireless Turbo Trainer

This is a trainer with a wide range of resistance levels controlled electronically by the wireless cycle computer. The cycle computer displays the training information but also allows the user to adjust the resistance. The wireless transmission system is ant-encoded, making it very secure regarding any interference. Also, the encoding allows different systems to co-exist in the same environment without reciprocal interference. The resistance unit is electro-magnetic with 16 levels. It develops a very high maximum power (for example, 430Watt for an 85 kg rider at a speed of 25km/h). The new computer has a large display with 4 lines and 5 information fields for keeping the most important training information under control. There is also an analogue bar which is used for different functions, such as Power, Speed, Heart-rate and Cadence, Time and distance and Resistance level indicator.

The computer has 3 different training modes:

Constant power: In this mode the user sets the required power with the 2 side buttons. The roller will automatically adjust to provide the required power. During training in this mode, the analogue indicator at the bottom of the screen indicates how much resistance is used (almost like a car rev counter). The user can vary the required power at any time during training.

Levels: This mode enables the setting of a resistance level from the 16 levels available. In this case, the roller resistance varies according to the variation in speed (more speed = more resistance), just like on the road. During the training in this mode, the analogue indicator at the bottom of the screen gives an analogue indication of the active level. The user can vary the required level at any time during training.

Preset programs: In this mode the computer automatically adjusts the roller resistance according to the program selected. The user only has to select the required program from the 10 available.

Before the training session, the user can choose from the 10 already preset programs. All the information and a small graph showing the trend will be available for each. During training with a programme, the user can vary the programme difficulty with the buttons, increasing or decreasing it.


  • The two-way ANT-coded head unit allows full control of the trainer from the bars as well as displaying a wide range of data
  • LCD screen displays Speed, Distance, Heart rate, Cadence, Time and Wattage
  • ANT signal coding means zero interference with other wireless devices
  • SuperCrono frame and wireless design is quick and easy to set up and uses the rider's weight to ensure constant contact with the roller
  • Advanced magnetic drive unit gives 16-levels and generates a wide range of resistances for all levels of rider and training program without generating high levels of noise or vibration
  • Advanced sensors allow the trainer to calculate cadence without requiring a wired sensor
  • ElastoGel roller has improved tyre grip, reduces tyre wear by 205 and vibrations, and offers significant noise reduction by 50% over other rollers
  • Works with any ANT or ANT coded heart rate belt (not included)
  • Includes spare Q/R for those using Mavic or similar non-compatible Q/R skewers