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Elite Turbo Muin Fluid Smart B + Direct Drive Trainer is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Turbo Muin Fluid Smart B + Direct Drive Trainer
Zwift Compatible  

This item was discontinued 24th October 2017.

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Code: E-TT35003
Elite Turbo Muin Fluid Smart B Plus Direct Drive Trainer, Shimano, Sram Model - Including Misuoro B+ Bluetooth and ANT Sensor
  • An upgraded version of the best-selling original Muin that set new standards for refinement and performance in direct drive trainers
  • Integrated sensor mount takes a Misuoro B+ Bluetooth and ANT sensor (included) that transmits speed and cadence information to compatible Android or iOS devices
  • Includes a 6 month subscription to Elite's fully featured My E-training app but can also be used with many third party software options
  • Direct mount design, solid stable frame and maximum resistance of over 2000 Watts means this is the perfect trainer for powerful and aggressive riders looking to work on their intervals and accelerations
  • With no cables or settings to adjust, the harder you go the harder it gets - so just jump on and ride!
  • Frame can be folded for easy transport or storage, making this an ideal warm up trainer as you don't need to bring a spare trainer wheel, the wide 4-point base also helps keep the Muin stable on uneven surfaces
  • Compatible with 9, 10 and 11-speed Shimano and Sram cassettes (not included), can be adapted for Campagnolo using adaptor TT14222
So far so good quality sturdy turbo and quiet whilst in use. The Ant+ / bluetooth screws to the compartment and setting a bit fiddly but managed to sync the power and cadence up to my Garmin 510 and also onto Zwift. Initially had wrong setting and power was way out but re-set the flashing lights setting to 12 flashes of the led and seems to be fine.
Indoor training has improved in quality and motivation.
This thing is built like a tank! Took a few minutes to assemble the legs and install the sensor, but all very straight forward. Cassette installation is as simple, and the bike then drops straight on the unit. Pair the sensor with your head unit/PC/mobile and you're set to go. During use the unit is quiet - much much quieter than my old elite magnetic trainer, but not whisper quiet as you may have read elsewhere. Certainly won't annoy the neighbours though which was a prime reason for me buying the turbo. The resistance builds progressively and is way more than my magnetic unit, and way more than I need! It has made some workouts difficult to achieve when only a small increment in effort is required. If is very smooth and appears to remain consistent as it warms up. Note that owing to its size and bulk this is not a trainer you'll want to move around often. Although it has (sort of) a folding leg, it doesn't reduce its footprint by a great amount. I still have the old turbo for sessions away from home. The sensor is a bit odd. It pairs with my ant+ stick on the PCs but only provides power, not speed or cadence. I therefore rely on my garmin sensor for the latter and don't have the former. If you use the Elite myEtraining app on the phone/tablet it will provide speed, cadence and power when paired over Bluetooth. Not sure about ant+ as don't have a ant+ dongle for the iPad yet. The eTraining app is...ok. Not the best product and there is no web version so it's tablet/mobile only. There's plenty of options for training but I tend to use the program or free mode, the latter just recording the session. I then import this into an app on the PC. I'm not sure that the sensor will provide all metrics to anything but the Elite software as I believe it communicates on a private ant+ profile. Not yet tried with trainerroad etc. Note if the sensor is paired by Bluetooth the ant+ transmission stops. I'm probably going to go power on the bike soon, so will rely on all the other sensors rather than the one on the muin. On the whole it's a very sturdy, quiet and smooth unit. It's far superior to the magnetic units I have used and takes my suffering to a whole new level.
Great build quality, but found it difficult to understand instruction on calibration, great resistance and ride like feel. Would recommend