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Fabric Cageless Drinks Bottle

The Fabric cageless drinks bottle challenges convention with a cutting edge cageless approach. Discard bulky bottle cages from your frame and keep your bike lightweight and clutter-free. This clever cageless system is the world’s lightest weighing only 3 grams; two polyurethane studs slot into the bottle’s moulded mounts keeping it secure even over rough terrain. Each cageless bottle comes with two sets of studs.



  • Choice of 600ml or 750ml bottle
  • Mounts directly to bike
  • Fast flow valve
  • Two sets of studs with bottle
  • A choice of colours
Mr Aran Good product. They fall with big bumps
Able225 Really pleased with this, looks good on/off the bike. Given it a thorough testing and it definitely stays put!
Mr Nyamupfukudza Cageless bottle and system works really well even when riding corrugated gravel roads. The only con is if one has a frame bag, it becomes difficult to see the tabs and attach the bottle.
JAS Interesting system, light weight....bought it for a youth 24 MTB .... a little to hard to fit and remove for a kid, but easy for an adult. The cover lets water to flow down if you press the full bottle quite tight....it could be an issue if you are transporting it in your bag....but not nescessary while drinking if you pay attention.
Mr László Very nice and very light!
Panagiotis Favourite bottle system so far ! Bike looks so clean with or without the bottles... (no ugly bottle cage) I've got both the small versions and the larger one and they totally worth it. Also very easy to drink and no leaks !
Joe My 2nd fabric bottle, take your time to set the boss correctly and you wont lose one
Mr Low Light weight and secure!
Gary Very good design and very good quality, the bite valve is easy to use and the clip in system is solid
Janet I have a medium-sized women's bike. Normally I can only fit a 500ml bidon into the cage. With this cageless bottle, I can put a 750ml bottle on. Makes a big difference on a hot day. This is the second one I have purchased from Merlin.
Mr Panos I use fabric's cageless bottles for years now, and to tell the truth I've lost one because I failed to put it correctly in place, you have to push it down and feel a positive click... they are quality bottles, but one needs to get used to them, its easy to get them out of the clips but not as easy to put them back...
David B. Very sleek design
Janet I bought this bottle because it fits in from the side, rather down from the top as with normal bottle cage. A bottle cage on my medium size women's bike would not allow more than a 500ml bidon, with this cageless bottle, I can finally carry 750ml. I have had no problems with the bidon falling off - I make sure it is well seated as I put the bottle on.
Mr Ridzwan It holds even on rough terrain
Mr Peet It is a very nice bottle to use and when not on bike you can`t even tell. I finally ditched my pack and got one of these and it is the best thing you can ever do. I highly recommend this cageless bottle
Mr Shoon Bought 600ml, good size. Bought to put on seat tube as secondary bottle whenever needed. When not used, bike looks clean and simple.