Hope set up business in the late 80’s as subcontractor’s for the local aerospace sector machining tools and fixtures.  It was 1989 when the owners both keen cyclists decided to develop disc brakes for their Mountain bikes.  They decided to employ similar technology that was used in the motorbikes that they both enjoyed riding and although originally intended for personal use they quickly realised they could sell these to the public.

Disc brakes on bicycles was a far out concept at the time so Hope decided to produce other more traditional products to introduce a full range to the market.  This began with a front hub which spread quickly with retailers in the UK and subsequently abroad. The range expanded so quickly and became so popular that in 2000 the company did away with all it’s subcontracting to concentrate solely on its bike parts.

Hope now manufactures most of the parts you find on a modern bicycle including hubs, brakes, headset, stems, bottom brackets and lights.  Hope have pretty much only the frame left to produce and plans for that are now being drawn up.  Hope bases its manufacturing in Barnoldswick and its facilities are truly state of the art. The operation runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and employs around 100 people who run the CNC machines, the anodising process and the hand finishing of its parts.  Hope manages all aspects of its business in house from innovation, manufacture, product testing and delivery, this home grown mentality gives it the edge over its rivals.

Hopes attention to detail shines through in the quality, robust delivery and its excellent reputation that sees it exporting to over 40 countries worldwide.  Fitted by both keen amateur’s, serious riders and top level pros, Hope products are almost second to none.




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