OTE Sports

The OTE bunch are local lads. They share a telephone dialling code with us here at Merlin Cycles. It’s great to be able to stock their stuff. There are loads of energy and nutrition brands out there but OTE genuinely do offer something a bit different.

Essentially it’s energy stuff for normal people. Riders as well as racers. Cyclists who are interested in having effective nutrition but who are not really interested in having to work it out with weights and measures and theory.

OTE’s USP is that their stuff is split into 20g servings of carbohydrate. Whether it’s drink or food, they’ve segmented it out easily into 20g servings. Once you know how many grams of carbohydrate you need every hour - for your weight and for your level of intensity – you’re away. Then it’s easy to keep track of where you are with your intake.

OTE stuff is markedly less sweet than other brands. It’s also pH neutral. Both of these factors really help when you’re out on longer rides and want to avoid stomach upset getting fed up with sickly flavours.

Oh, OTE stands for On The Edge by the way.