Continental GP5000 Tubeless Folding Road Tyre 700c
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Continental GP5000 Tubeless Folding Road Tyre 700cContinental GP5000 Tubeless Folding Road Tyre
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Continental GP5000 Tubeless Folding Road Tyre - 700c

The goal for Continental was to improve the GP4000S II and see upgrades in rolling resistance, mileage, speed as well as puncture protection. Now with a tubeless option. Continental have got you covered. The specific sidewall of the Grand Prix 5000TL provides a stable fit to the rim. The new era in cycling - the best allrounder in the field, brought to a whole new performance level. Ride faster, more comfortable and with increased puncture protecton. Made to make you better. Developing the Grand Prix 5000 nothing has been left to chance. The TL technology is specifically designed to offer Tubeless for road cycling demands. Easy to install and reliable in use. Compared to the GP5000, The GP5000TL has 5% better rolling resistance and 5% more puncture protection.


  • Improved Black Chili Compound for an even faster, safer ride
  • 330TPI 3-Ply carcass
  • Active Comfort Technology to absorb vibrations and deliver a smoother ride
  • Vectran Breaker technology for increased puncture resistance
  • Lazer Grip Technology for improved grip and outstanding cornering
  • With Inner Liner
  • Weight Approx: 220g (25mm)
Mr Macdonald Great tire, had to get on rim but after that great! So far
Mr O'Driscoll Love GP5000 Tubeless tyres. I have used other tubeless tyres before but find continental inflate easier. Because you can run tubeless at lower pressure they are also more comfortable on the road. I've used GP4000 for years and found them excellent. The GP5000TL is an upgrade though. Definitely the nicest tyre I have used. Reliable, easy to install, great grip and comfortable.
Steve T I think these are the best tubeless tyres available at the moment. Following on from the iconic GP4000 2S, these are fast and grippy.
Christopher 28c was cheaper than elsewhere. Great fit, great quality from Conti. Comfortable and fast ride
Mr Varey Excellent grip and speed - super confident with this tyre -
Smokesreen A nightmare to fit, but great tires. Extremely durable. Had these fitted on my Tri bike and they seem to last while all those around me are copping punctures left, right and centre.
steve This is second pair of Conti tubeless that I’ve used. The first pair gave given me nearly 5000 miles before the rubber began to look thin and the wear markers nearly flat! Many of these miles are on winter roads in the Dales! Only had one major issue with loss of pressure but was able to plug with an “anchovy” and top up with gunk. So why change from a brand from which I’ve had years of reliability pre tubeless days?
Robert Short answer: great tires! Fast, grippy, sidewalls seem much more durable than the 4000s. Seated them on a set of 2019 Ksyrium Elites with some difficulty, was able to inflate them to 85psi without sealant and hold for 24hrs. Added sealant, now have several hundred miles on them, no flats, and am just loving them. Bonus: At Merlin's price point, I can't see me buying any other tubeless tire!
O Timothy Great wearing tire with solid traction. Very low rolling resistance, especially set up tubleless.
Mr pollard Very Impressed. Nice to be back on the black chilli. Seated on Hunt rims first time with a track pump. Good price from Merlin as well
Mr Gruber Great tyres, roll nicely and have bags of grip. Found them really difficult to mount on my prime carbon rims.
Mr MS worth to buy.
Mr Beecroft Great upgrade from GP4000 , moving to tubeless is great, fit is tight but manageable on 2 diffrent wheel sets
Mr Salisbury Great Conti quality, however, absolute pain to fit. Took 2.5 hours of wrestling to get the back tyre on. Tried patiently with the front before giving in and going to my LBS. they couldn’t get it on either. I’ll be going back to tubes. I was putting these on a pair of Mavic Kysrium Elites.
Mr Brooks Just replaced some 23mm's, and these make a huge difference. If you are debating between these and the 4000's, go with these, I have seen tests that they have about 20% less rolling resistance. Also I am in the US and Merlin got these to me in less than 5 days with no unexpected duties. Thanks Merlin!
Mr Lotz Really great tire - it was very easy to install however I needed to add sealant as the tires leaked air over a period of about an hour. I installed on Zipp 303 NSW. You feel confident when cornering and comfort is noticable. I recommend this tire.
Mr Reyes Best tires I've owned, superb quality and feel. Tire has way lower rolling resistente than my previous Vittorias, would recommend!
Daniel I bought these tyres as they're supppsed to be based off Mavic's UST standard. Sadly they don't fit onto the Mavic Kysrium Pro UST wheels and by quite a long way. Avoid if you have these wheels.
Goh These were a monster to mount, with bruised and blistered thumbs and a lot of cursing, hopefully I won`t have to unmount them anytime soon. Managed to seat the front one with a track pump, but had to bring the rear to the lbs for a little help with their compressor. The grip has been phenomenal so far, lets hope durability and puncture resistance hold up.
Ron So far so good... Mounted without any tools on Giant SLR rims and pumped up with a floor pump! Only 1 ride in on them but if they last longer than gp4000's then I'll be happy
Jonathan So far, I have to agree with most reviews read on the web: these tires are good, comfortably smooth, good grip in turns yet apparent low resistance. Durability and puncture resistance still has to be tested. Once mounted, they inflate easily with a floor pump, but I needed sealant to prevent deflation, which was not necessary with Schwalbe Pro One (on Kinlin rims; read below). Pricey... However, I'm one of those who had a terrible experience in mounting the tires on the wheels, and I dread the day I might have a puncture too big for the sealant to work. I have 8 years of experience with road tubeless, using the Fusion 3, the 1st generation of Schwalbe One and the 25mm-more-like-28mm Pro One, so my problem isn't lack of experience. They were simply impossible to mount on Bontrager Aeolus Comp (alloy rim). It's like the tires are too small, or the rim too large. Mounting (used) Schwalbe Pro One on these rims was done in 2 minutes, barely using a lever near the end. I manage to mount the GP5000 on Kinlin XR31T rims with a lot of struggle, almost breaking a lever in the process. Hopefully they will get easier to get off and on as they get used (as it happened with all tubeless road tires I had so far). I know some people had no problem mounting these tires, and others, like me, for whom it was impossible. My thoughts are that either these tires are not compatible with every tubeless compatible rims (lack of standards in the industry for tubeless), or there are differences in the manufacturing of different lots (AQ control problems?), such that some lot produces tires that are good, and others that fit too tightly. You take a chance of having a good (or bad) batch or tire-rim combinaison by buying these.
Mr Gulick Love these tires. Smooth and fast.
Mr Cohen Good. Narrower @ 700 x 25 than my Schwalbe Pro One 700 x 23...and it is just what I needed for my older bike. Perfect!
Tom These are wonderful tires. They were difficult, but not impossible to mount on my Giant SLR1 30mm carbon clincher rims. The 28c version blows up 28.5mm wide and 26mm tall on my 17mm internal rims, so they are truer to size than the GP4000s were/are. I only have 160 miles on them at the time of this review, so this is by no means a response to their durability, but they feel absolutely sublime on the road. They are supple over rough, smooth, and everywhere in between tarmac, feel nice on limerock, and are significantly grippier than the GP4000s I had on my wheels 160 miles ago. I highly recommend these tires.
Ryan I only have 60 miles on them so far but I'm impressed. They roll fast and smooth.
Stuzz552 Awesome tyres, very quick and they do feel more comfortable on the rougher roads that I ride on. One thing that I must mention is they are a bugger to fit and you will work up a sweat fitting them on to your wheels, BUT worth the sweat and sore hands once fitted.
Wireless Di2? Long time user of Gp 4000S II & Schwalbe Pro 1 My Continental GP5000TL 32C running on Token Prime Roubx Disc wheels (25.3nn Internal, 31.1mm External). Tires inflate close to 35C. Running @ 65-75Psi on Ghost Violent road rage gravel bike. -Installation: Easily done with hand-pump and no sealant. On par with Schwalbe Pro 1. -Great sidewall support (better than 17-19mm internal wheels). -Not seen a puncture yet (~100km gravel+600km Tarmac). Schwalbe pro 1 ~1500km Tarmac no puncture. -Grip on par with Schwalbe Pro 1 in dry, ~5% less in wet. -Wear slower than Schwalbe Pro 1 (explains lower wet grip) -Can't comment on speed as tire size different (25c for 4000SII, 25/28 Schwalbe Pro 1) -Despite being 30% more expensive, feels worthy upgrade. Great for 80% Tarmac+20% gravel riders.
R Marins It was not so difficult to fit on a DT Swiss P 1800 Spline 23 Clincher (TR). I went for these, mainly because I already ride the 4000 and for the lighter weight. Merlin says: "Weight Approx: 215g (25mm)", but it is 320g. A lot more than i was expecting.
GW I wish I could review these, but they simply don't fit on my wheelset. I'm running the Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST Disc wheelset, and after trying for over an hour I took it to my bike shop to see if they could get the tyres on. After three people at the bike shop all tried we decided to call it - these tyres will not go on my wheels. They fit on my Campagnolo Zonda 2-way fit wheelset, so that's a plus. I won't be riding them on the Zondas though. It's a shame that Continental didn't work with Mavic to make sure they fit on all their UST rims. did do a video showing it going on a different UST rim but it's definitely not going on the Cosmics.
G Man Nearly impossible to mount on rims (Shimano and Princeton Carbonworks) Used every trick out there. Finally required heating in a dryer for 5 minutes and still a substantial amount of effort was required with tire levers. Both 25 and 28c tyres were a major challenge on two different brands of rims. In contrast tyres from Schwalbe and Zipp could be installed by hand with light asssistance from a lever on the same wheels. Outside of that, the tyres are fantastic and consistent with what you would expect with Continentals. The install process was just ridiculous though. I am concerned if I ever have to conduct a road repair that requires removal. Hopefully they will be easier on reinstall after stretching on the rim.
philip These are much like the old gp4000 with the added benefit of being tubeless. I've used these on my mavic ksyrium wheels and they are very difficult to get on the rims even with all the tricks available to help get them on. Needed 3 tyre levers and two people plus soapy water and warmed tyres. Being that it's such a tight fit inflation was easy. However they need topping up with air after a week. Compared to the mavic tyres these have been hard work to get on and keep inflated. I would not buy these again despite being rather good on all other aspects like comfort rolling resistants etc.