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Fabric Cageless Tool Keg

The Fabric Cageless Tool Keg allows you to cleverly store snacks, tubes and spares. Using the Fabric patented mount system, the Keg is held securley yet removed easily and can simply be swapped with a Fabric cageless water bottle whenever needed.



  • 2 sets of mounting studs
  • Water Tight
  • Neoprene Sleeve


Mr Aran Perfect
Mr Garcia Neoprene internal bag, what a great touch
Mr Nyamupfukudza Cageless Keg is so easy to live with and looks really smart, its a win, win for this system.
Francis Works as advertised. This is now my 2nd tool cage in which I'm comparing it to Vittoria's tool cage. The Fabric keg is far superior in terms of build and weight. Very slick and stylish.
Mr Lieu Mounts very secure (can be adjusted by how tight you wind in the bolts). Didn't come off even riding on lots of single track on the gravel bike. Not a huge capacity, replaced the neoprene sleeve with a thin sock and was able to fit in: 1 x CO2, 1 x Cyclocross Inner Tube, 1 x Tyre Lever, Repair Kit, Quick Link, and basic first aid kit. Be careful to measure how much clearance you have if using this on the mounts under the down tube - may interfere with cranks. Utilised a Wolf Tooth B-RAD 2 to move the keg a few cm's up to clear my chaining bolts.