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Fenwicks Wet Conditions Lube 100ml
  • Taking a very scientific approach, Fenwick`s lubes focus on the UK and European riding conditions in which the lube needs to perform rather than the style of lube itself. Compared to "dry" lubes, Fenwick`s wet style lubes offer more protection and performance at bicycle operating temperatures Fenwick`s synthetic lubes are made to conditions-specific bespoke formulations. All 3 lubes offer:
  • Smoother, quieter functioning bike
  • Increased protection against corrosion
  • Decreased wear
  • Increased maintenance periods
  • Reduced environmental contamination - less needed per application, greater tenacity so less trail contamination For best results, apply to a clean chain and wipe off excess with a clean, absorbent cloth. Reapply as necessary. Ride. Pushing the boundaries of new technology, this highly tenacious lube offers unbelievable wet weather performance, astounding longevity and gunk free operation.
Only used once so far, the bottle cap makes application easy and controlled. Yet to see how it keeps the chain condition.
Really nice slippery lube, felt the difference straight away, used about 1/20 (5mL) to lube a chain, so it will keep the chain rust-free after a good wash, plus keep it beautifully lubricated for my next ride.
Very lightweight oil penetrates rollers well and leaves an efficient running drive train. Washes off quite quickly in wet and muddy conditions.
Fairly low viscosity and odorless lube. Easy to apply on the chain.
Excellent product, just what I need to keep my bike running smoothly at a VERY competitive price too - bonus. Prompt processing/delivery with minimum fuss = one happy customer.
Seems to lube well and a little bit goes a long way. A total Fenwicks convert, wish I'd discovered this brand sooner
Excellent product tried and tested over several long, wet winters!
Lovely lube that seems to prevent chainsuck a lot better than others that I've used
Been using the dry and all conditions lube and got on well with it. Thought I'd try out the Wet ready for winter.
Fenwicks products never disappoint. Highly recommended.